Aceso Hemp Company Review

Aceso Hemp Company Review

Hemp plants contain a number of compounds known as cannabinoids. Among these cannabinoids is a compound often referred to as CBD. Many companies have started to extract the CBD compound from hemp plants and include it in products such as oils, topicals, and tinctures to help people with various health issues. And there’s a lot of scientific research behind the claims made about the cannabidiol compound. 

Aceso Hemp applies plant-based and food-based sciences to create its CBD products. The result is a range of products with all the benefits that come with the cannabidiol compound but also the added benefits of additional extracts. In this post, we take a closer look at the Aceso Hemp brand and what this particular company offers. 

Aceso Hemp Company Overview

Aceso Hemp is a company that falls under the larger Aceso brand. Aceso Hemp has developed a range of products made with cannabidiol extract from hemp while adding other plant nutrients for a more potent effect. Customers can rely on products from the Aceso brand to assist in alleviating a number of different ailments—including insomnia, pain, anxiety, and more. 

This brand believes in applying plant and food sciences to the production of its CBD oils, topicals, and related products to provide the perfect combination of compounds to give you maximum benefits. 

Aceso Hemp Laboratory Tests and Certificates

Aceso Hemp believes in providing customers with only the highest-quality products that are also completely safe. As such, this brand ensures that the products it produces are tested at a third-party lab for purity to ensure there are no heavy metals or other toxins present in any of its products. 

Aceso Hemp offers a complete overview of the laboratory results that the company has obtained. The certificates can be found directly on the brand’s website and give a complete overview of the potency presented by the products offered on the website. 

Aceso Hemp Product Range

Aceso Hemp has developed three different product lines that include CBD and other natural ingredients for specific results. They are:

  • Calm—a range of CBD products that help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and promote relaxation
  • Soothe—products that focus on combining CBD with additional ingredients to assist with relieving pain and improving recovery.
  • Wellness—CBD products that help to enhance immune function, boost energy, and also improve the user’s mood. 

Aceso Hemp Product Pricing

Aceso Hemp’s product pricing largely depends on which items you are interested in. Some products do come with a lower price tag, but when opting for a CBD item that is more potent, expect to pay more. The CBD Calm Spray costs $50, for example. If you are looking for something more affordable from the brand, the Fizz Tabs are available for $22.50 per container. 

Aceso Hemp Shipping Policies

All products offered by Aceso Hemp can only be shipped to customers in the United States. The company uses USPS for shipping and provides a tracking number for each order. Aceso Hemp will usually ship orders within 48 hours. Shipping rates are calculated based on the customer’s address and the weight of the shipment. 

Aceso Hemp Return Policy

To ensure customers are entirely satisfied with the products they buy, Aceso Hemp has decided to offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on its entire product line. If the customer is not happy with the results of a product they purchased, Aceso Hemp will offer a full refund.

However, if a product is returned after 30 days, it must be unopened, and customers are advised to contact the manufacturer and follow the details provided on the Shipping and Returns page to initiate a refund request. The company does, however, have the right to decline such a request. 

Customer Reviews And Opinions

Customer reviews are the number one way people can get a reliable understanding of a brand’s trustworthiness and whether or not the products for sale work as advertised. 

While Aceso Hemp does have a presence on several social media platforms, including Facebook, didn’t find any review there. Fortunately, the official website that represents the brand and where Aceso Hemp sells its products does offer a number of reviews from customers that gave us a good overview.

Here are a couple of the reviews that we found on Aceso Hemp’s official website*:

“I use this as a daily regimen to help control my seizure disorder. It has made a considerable difference for me.”

“The perfect size to leave in my desk. A few pumps each day help me keep my cool.”

“I tried Aceso Hemp products and really felt the difference. I recommend [it] to all my friends and people who care about consuming healthy products!”

“I’ve started [using these products] as an overall health initiative. I have been feeling improvements in my joints since taking.”

*These reviews have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Final Verdict

Aceso Hemp is part of the larger Aceso brand and takes a different approach to the production of CBD oils and other products by using plant-based and food-based scientific methods in the manufacturing of these products. Overall, the company does seem to be trusted among its customers. An overview of results provided through third-party lab testing also helped us determine the quality and safety of the brand’s products.