Farmacy Bliss Company Review

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of companies starting to offer CBD oil, tinctures, vapes, lotions, and even anti-aging products that claim to help reduce wrinkles and improve the radiance of your skin. 

While CBD has been proven to be an effective natural therapeutic agent with many benefits, can be hard to determine which CBD companies sell quality products. 

This is one factor that makes Farmacy Bliss stand out as a brand. The company was established after one of the founder’s family members became sick. After doing thorough research on natural therapeutic agents that could help, the founder decided to focus on and was able to help. 

Today, Farmacy Bliss has established itself as a company that truly cares about the customer, offering a wide variety of CBD products at affordable rates. 

In this post, we take a closer review of Farmacy Bliss. We’ll consider the safety and purity of its products, look at the variety of CBD-related items the company sells, and consider how the pricing structure works. 

Farmacy Bliss Company Overview

Farmacy Bliss

Farmacy Bliss is a family-owned company founded in 2017. Though the company is still very new to the CBD industry, its products are already in high demand, and many people have shared their positive experiences with Farmacy Bliss CBD oils. 

Since its founding, Farmacy Bliss has expanded on its offerings and now provides a range of CBD products. 

Farmacy Bliss Laboratory Tests and Certificates

When buying a CBD tincture, one of the most important factors to consider is the safety and the purity of the product. This is where laboratory tests come in. 

Most brands that specialize in the production of CBD oils send their products off to a third-party laboratory for testing. After testing, the product is issued a certificate that provides details on its purity, along with a complete profile of cannabinoids found in the oil. Any toxic materials found in the oil will also be reported. 

However, we were unable to locate any type of certifications for Farmacy Bliss CBD products. This is quite unfortunate, since the company does seem to have a proven record for its products’ effectiveness. Information from third-party laboratory tests that have been conducted on their CBD oils would be useful to consumers. 

Farmacy Bliss Product Range

Farmacy Bliss

Companies that specialize in CBD products tend to provide customers access to quite a large variety of items to choose from. However, the product range from Farmacy Bliss is someone limited. In fact, the company only produces four different types of products. But this isn’t a problem — instead, this focused range of products lets the company narrow in on perfecting their formulations, instead of experimenting with a larger variety of items.

The four types of products produced by Farmacy Bliss include:

Farmacy Bliss Product Pricing

Farmacy Bliss aims not only to produce high-quality CBD products, but also to ensure its products are affordable. This is important to the brand, since a lot of competitors’s products are too expensive for the average person who could benefit from CBD oil. 

Each type of product has a unique formulation, and the price depends on the product as well as the potency.

Prices for products from Farmacy Bliss start at $35.99 for a bottle of CBDAILY Softgels. These capsules contain a total of 450mg CBD per bottle. The most expensive product is the CBDOSING Drops, which offers 1,500mg of CBD per bottle. A bottle of these drops costs $97.99, which is still quite affordable when you compare the price to a similar dose of CBD drops from a competitor brand. 

Farmacy Bliss Shipping Policies

Shipping is currently only available to customers in the United States, but the company might provide international shipping options at a later stage. All orders are shipped with either FedEx or USPS, depending on the options you choose during the checkout process. 

All orders are shipped out within 48 hours, except when the order is placed during a weekend or on a holiday. 

When you order, you will be provided with a tracking number so you can see where your package is at any time and estimate the delivery time. 

Farmacy Bliss Return Policy

Products purchased from Farmacy Bliss are not guaranteed to be effective. Since these products contain CBD, an active compound that may affect people differently, the company does not guarantee what each person will experience. 

Products that arrive at the customer in an undamaged condition are not refundable. Customers who receive a product that is damaged will be able to request an exchange on their order. You’ll need to send the damaged product back to the company. Once it arrives, Farmacy Bliss will send you a replacement product. 

Customer Reviews and Opinions

Farmacy Bliss Reviews

It’s important to look at customer reviews when considering a brand like Farmacy Bliss. This allows you to make a more unbiased decision as to whether or not you should put your trust in the products it manufactures. 

Fortunately, it is not difficult to find a lot of reviews from previous customers. Customers generally have a very positive response to the products they received from Farmacy Bliss. Let’s take a look at a few reviews on Trust Pilot:

“Excellent product – no sign of anxiety after three days of taking pills.”

“Excellent product and great customer service.”

“Great tasting vape devices, natural flavor.”

“Amazing I would purchase again in a heartbeat.”

Final Verdict

The story that forms the foundation of Farmacy Bliss makes this sound like a caring company that truly wants the best for every person who buys its products. Customers seem to be very happy, not only with the products that they were provided but also with the customer service that is offered by Farmacy Bliss. 

The company also stocks a wide variety of affordable CBD products, which is a definite benefit when considering the expensive prices of some of its competitors.