At BestCBDOils.org we aim to help you find the highest quality CBD products to help improve your well being. CBD has played an influential role in our lives and we want to pass on what we’ve learned to everyone who’s interested.

The Team

Branden Passwaters
Branden is a 24-year-old writer and student based in South Carolina. His journey with CBD began in 2014 after years of bouncing from doctor to doctor to treat a severe stomach condition. At his worst, Branden weighed just 93 pounds and struggled to eat anything due to the pain that he was in from a combination of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Diverticular Disease. Years of pain medication was taking its toll on his kidneys and nothing truly solved his problems, just pushed them off. The CBD oil he began taking drastically improved his health by reducing the inflammation that comes with his condition, helping him regulate his appetite, and control the chronic pain. Now, he no longer takes traditional pain medications except under extreme circumstances.

After that, he began to see the other benefits of CBD in his life. It also made him feel healthier overall and helped him to control his OCD. Since he realized how instrumental CBD oil is in promoting and maintaining the health of nearly everyone, he has been incredibly passionate about doing as much research as possible and getting that information into the hands of those that need it. While CBD oil isn’t a panacea, Branden believes that implementing CBD oil into your life will cause it to improve, so he dedicates his time to making CBD-related resources as accessible as possible. Feel free to connect with him via Facebook, Twitter, or Email with any questions or comments.