The 4 Best CBD Wraps in 2023

hemp wraps

There are a multitude of ways that people can choose to smoke hemp flowers, and wraps are often at the top of the list. But finding the best CBD wraps can be a challenge if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for–or even what CBD wraps are. 

As opposed to burning up the majority of your stash in a pipe or setting flame to the end of a paper joint, CBD wraps afford you the opportunity to save on repurchasing.

Hemp wraps burn slower, thus saving you from burning up or taking too much at a time. 

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CannaWraps Hemp Wraps by Dank Industries

Canna Wraps

CannaWraps Hemp Wraps let you keep your hemp-smoking habit as focused as possible. These wraps are made from 100% organic American-grown hemp and is just one of the many reasons this product is our top choice for best CBD wraps. 

Not a single toxic byproduct is part of the production line for these products. In fact, the wraps are hand-processed and powered by zero-emission energy sources. The result is a completely tobacco-free and organic hemp wrap that is sure to suit your needs.

This environmental awareness comes at no cost to you. CannaWraps are distinctly affordable. A single pack costs only $1 while a full pack of wraps costs just 17.99. That’s a mighty small investment for a strong stash of sustainable hemp wraps. 

Best for: Those looking for all-around clean and sustainable hemp wraps. 

High Hemp Organic Wraps

High Hemp Organic Wraps

High Hemp Organic Wraps, our second choice for best CBD wraps, take you back to perhaps the most recognizably green country of the last century. The wraps are made with hemp sourced from the Netherlands, promising no tobacco all while delivering a low dose of CBD. 

In addition to being tobacco-free, these wraps contain all the essential elements of a hemp wrap. They’re certified organic, GMO-free, and gluten free.

One box of these wraps costs $34.99. 

Best for: Those looking for sustainable, tobacco-free hemp wraps with filter tips. 

Lit Culture Premium Hemp Wraps

Lit Culture Premium Hemp Wraps

Created in Atlanta and the center of Lit Culture itself,” these premium Hemp Wraps offer smokers a safety net of wraps with the flexibility of familiar rolling papers. 

While they don’t draw specific attention to CBD within these wraps, they’re clear and concise as to what’s inside. By revealing they use only 100% organic hemp, these wraps allude that there will be some element of CBD within.

This detail may be vague, but they don’t hold back in ensuring that all of their wraps are free from the harmful ingredients you hope to avoid. Each flavor–Original, Sweet Georgia Peach, Russian Cream, Paradise Express, and Miami Mango–is completely free of GMOs, nicotine, tobacco, and bitterness.

These wraps are safe, come flavored (or not), and are flexible enough to roll like normal without cracking. The double layer helps to hold its integrity so you can enjoy your slow-burning smoke without cracking under pressure. 

No matter which flavor you choose, a box of 24 with pouches of two costs $18.95 on Amazon 

Best for: Those looking for a reinforced hemp paper wrap in a variety of flavors. 

Erba CBD Flower Wraps

CBD Flower erba Wraps

You’ll likely get CBD from any hemp product, but companies like erba like to double down on their potency promise. These CBD Flower erba Wraps wraps are made from premium hemp flower (as opposed to fibers) and offer 11% CBD potency. 

This flower-based reinforcement helps to create a slow, even burn when you roll your hemp. As they say themselves: why smoke anything else?

The only downside is that the lab information is unavailable. It’s always important to check and confirm that your CBD product is safe, pure, and free of harmful chemicals.

Best for: Those looking for a CBD wrap made from potent flowers.

Wraps, rolls, papers, blunts; no matter what you call it, it’s all the same. Well, they’re at least very similar. 

Wraps are essentially rolling papers. If you’re not using a pipe, bong, or other new-fangled smoking apparatus, CBD wraps are a tried and true method of lighting up. 

Smoking CBD-rich hemp flowers (or marijuana or tobacco) all require something to keep it all together. Pipes are one way to light up your flower, but are also notorious for burning away more than you may end up consuming. Wraps normally provide a slow burn, which offers more sustainability and helping to keep your stash plentiful for longer.

Why Use CBD Wraps?

using a hemp wrap to smoke cbd

When you use an industrial-strength hemp wrap, it creates a slow burning experience. This slow-burn preserves some of your hard-earned hemp, so you get just enough of what you need this time and can save the rest for later. 

Using a CBD hemp wrap also affords you a boost in CBD potency. Made with natural hemp means it naturally contains some concentration of CBD. Not all wraps will disclose exactly how much (possibly because it’s hard to truly tell) but the abundance of CBD in hemp makes its presence in hemp products very likely (if not inevitable).

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Wraps and Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps, or dutches, are a classic way to roll up hemp flowers. People love the taste, but often hate the process. Ripping into tobacco-wrapped dutches means you throw out what originally came packaged inside. Plus, tobacco isn’t only on the inside. These dutches have tobacco in the paper itself and comes along for the ride even when you cut out the guts. 

Blunt wraps are preferable to some rolling papers because of their robust scent and flavor.  For those who like these aspects of using blunt wraps, CBD wraps offer one particularly incentivizing element: they’re tobacco free. 

You’ll still get the opportunity for a slow burn, but instead of inhaling tar-filled tobacco, you’ll get the calming addition of CBD from hemp.

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