CannazALL Company Review

CannazALL Company Review

Over the course of the last decade, there has been significant growth in the number of companies that manufacture products that contain cannabidiol, one of the main active compounds in hemp, cannabis, and related plants. While the variety of brands out there make it easier for the average consumer to get their hands on CBD oil, many companies are unable to produce highly effective products made with quality ingredients. The quality of hemp strains used in the production of CBD oil does matter and can make a difference in the overall effectiveness of the final product. 

CannazALL, produced by a company known as HempLife Today, is a line of products that make the most of hemp extracts and includes a variety of products for different maladies. In this post, we look at the CannazALL range of CBD products and consider whether or not the company’s products are worth your money.

CannazALL Company Overview

CannazALL Co

CannazALL is a line of CBD products that contain compounds extracted from locally grown hemp plants. All of the hemp plants used in the production of this company’s products are grown by a program that has been approved by the Department of Agriculture in the United States. The company is located in Colorado. 

 The brand is produced by the HempLife Today company and is available to customers within the United States. All products that make up the CannazALL line have been developed by experts in the industry and undergo a battery of tests to assure customers of the safety and effectiveness of the formulations. The CannazALL line of products was initially launched in 2014 and has since become quite popular among CBD customers in the U.S. 

CannazALL Laboratory Tests and Certifications

The CannazALL line of products claims to be made from high-quality hemp that is locally grown. The company also claims that these products contain a maximum concentration of CBD while keeping THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels to a minimum—basically trace amounts of the psychoactive chemical—ensuring customers don’t experience those particular side effects. 

While the company provides this overview, it did not provide proof of third-party laboratory testing and accompanying certificates on its website. Third-party certification is a useful tool because it authenticates a company’s production and quality. Instead, each CannazALL product is individually tested, and a complete lab report is sent with the item when it is shipped out to the customer. 

CannazALL Product Range

The products that are part of the CannazALL line from HempLife Today are split into two main categories: a line of CBD products for people and a separate line for pets. 

CannazALL products

Customers shopping on the company website can find:

  • Refreshing Tinctures
  • Infused Gelcaps
  • Gummies
  • Skin Salve

The pet line consists of a single product type: a CBD oil tincture available in different concentrations and flavors.

CannazALL Product Pricing

The CannazALL range of CBD oils and related products is actually quite affordable when compared to other brands on the market. A single bottle of the CBD oil for pets, for example, would only cost the customer $36, and discounts are available when a customer buys more than one bottle. 

Prices for the range of products developed for human use vary depending on what exactly the customer is interested in buying. There are a number of special promotions for first-time customers purchasing HempLife Today’s CannazALL branded products. 

CannazALL Shipping Policies

At the moment, CannazALL products from the HempLife Today brand are only available to customers in the United States. All orders placed for CannazALL products are shipped through USPS Priority Mail and usually take two to three business days to arrive. A tracking number is provided once the package has been shipped. Every product purchased will come with instructions on how to use the oil as well as a lab report that provides the customer with an overview of that specific item’s cannabinoid profile. 

CannazALL Return Policy

HempLife Today stands behind its CannazALL product line and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If a customer is unhappy with their CBD oil purchase they can return the product to receive a full refund on their purchase. 

However, there are certain terms and conditions to receive that refund. The company will not refund shipping charges, and the customer will need to ship the unused portion of the product back to the manufacturer. It doesn’t appear that the company charges any restocking fees on the unused product. 

Customer Reviews And Opinions

CannazALL Co

A company’s claims about its products are one way to learn about them, but it is always useful to look for customer reviews, which usually provide an unbiased view of how effective the products are and whether or not there are any concerns that need to be noted. 

We did find a testimonials page on the official website for the CannazALL line of products. The only problem is that the page simply has links on specific topics that take the customer to Google search results on general reviews for CBD. Unfortunately, we did not find reviews specifically related to the products that are part of this line, making it more difficult to determine whether or not CannazALL CBD oils are truly worth the money.

The company also has a Facebook page, but it is primarily dedicated to posts made by the marketing team and does not contain reviews from customers who have bought from the brand in the past. 

Final Verdict

The CannazALL line of CBD products by the HempLife Today brand seems to be produced using quality hemp plants cultivated by the company. Each item is also shipped in a sealed container along with its accompanying lab report. The only downside is that we could not find customer reviews to give us a good idea of the products’ effectiveness and value.