CBDfx Company Review


Millions of people are turning to natural remedies to help them cope with symptoms of pain and anxiety. One of the most popular products for managing those ailments today is CBD oil and other products using the cannabidiol compound derived hemp, a strain of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains a low concentration of THC, the psychoactive property found in cannabis plants (including marijuana, another strain), while its CBD content is usually much higher. In turn, you can experience the reported benefits of cannabidiol compounds but without getting the “high” or other side effects. 

CBDfx is U.S brand that offers quality hemp-derived CBD oil and other products—and free shipping. Opinions from customers are somewhat mixed, so we take a closer look at what CBDfx can do for you in this review. 

CBDfx Company Overview


CBDfx is a company that grows, manufactures, and sells its products in the U.S. The company believes in setting a high bar for manufacturing excellence of its CBD-based products. At the moment, CBDfx has a catalog listing more than 50 different products, and the company is also constantly working to develop new ways to deliver CBD so that more people can enjoy the health benefits associated with this compound. 

CBDfx Laboratory Tests and Certificates

Transparency is key when it comes to using CBD products. Scams are numerous. So, that’s why our useful CBD Buyer’s Guide recommends learning about a company’s third-party laboratory testing certificates. This is where CBDfx comes out on top. CBDfx has a dedicated page where you can access all the certificates the company has earned, which typically outline not only the cannabinoid profile in all of the products but also their safety and purity—meaning whether or not there are any harmful substances such as toxic compounds and heavy metals. 

CBDfx Product Range


CBDfx has an impressive range of products to offer its customers, from traditional oils all the way to edibles and even a series of vaping products. Here are more of the products you can buy on its website:

CBDfx Product Pricing

CBDfx’s pricing is in line with most of its competitors. The specific price of a product depends on which product you buy. If you are looking for topical cream, for example, you could pick up a bottle for under $25. If you want something more potent, a strong CBD tincture, for example, it could cost you over $100. 

CBDfx Shipping Policies

Currently, shipping is only available to customers in the U.S., and it’s free. There are no charges on standard shipping when the order is placed on the company’s official website, and standard shipping generally takes three to five business days for delivery. 

CBDfx Return Policy

CBDfx doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee on its products, However, the company does have a return policy in place.You have 30 days from the date of purchase, but it only covers the return of products that have not yet been opened or tampered with. To return those products, you will need to request a return merchandise authorization number first and follow the instructions provided by the customer support team. Shipping and processing fees will not be refunded.

Customer Reviews and Opinions


Customer reviews are a good way to find out about a company’s customer service as well as the efficacy of its products. Companies make a lot of promises, so when you can see the opinions expressed by people who have used these products, you usually can get a pretty reliable overview of whether or not the claims are true. This is especially true when you want to buy CBD online.

We found a Facebook page representing the CBDfx brand. The company is active on this page and frequently shares useful information with its followers. A number of reviews could also be found on this Facebook page, with a majority of these being positive. Customers seem to be happy with the overall efficacy of this particular brand’s products. However, there were a few concerns regarding delivery times; some customers experienced delays. There were also reports that customers who purchased gummies from the brand in the past did not receive the items that they ordered. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews—both good and bad:*

“Got the berry gummies from my local smoke shop. I suffer from extreme muscle tension and anxiety; these are the best solution for it! Good work, CBDfx!”

“Some of the best products I have taken. Customer service is quality! Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my CBD needs.”

“Crap. Doesn’t even work. The order got lost. [They] sent me a replacement with the wrong items. I had to tell them to correct it. CBD 500 mg I got didn’t do a thing. Will never buy again. Keep your 10% off coupons.”

*These reviews have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Final Verdict

The CBDfx brand has a reputation for providing people with high-quality products, but its customer service reviews are mixed. The company has developed a range of different and interesting products, making it easier and even enjoyable for people to take advantage of the health benefits that are associated with CBD. Customers seem happy with the products’ efficacy, and the company also provides full access to its quality-assurance certificates of third-party laboratory testing.