Review of Charlotte’s Web CBD

Since CBD exploded onto the market two years ago I have seen it perform miracles and I’ve seen it not work it all. What I have decided is that not all CBD is created equally regardless of what third party testing reports or companies claim. Some brands are much more effective than others, obviously, but how can you tell which is which before shelling out lots of money on a dud? 

My Experience with Charlotte’s Web CBD

The answer to that question for me came in a truly unfortunate way. My dear friend’s daughter Alice starting having multiple seizures a day. None the medications they tried work and the family was feeling increasingly desperate when CBD suddenly appeared on the market. Bold studies proclaimed it to be just the thing for anxiety and headaches but a few people also started treating seizures with it so Alice’s parents decided to give it a try. In fact, they tried lots of CBD brands, various doses and several formulations and none of it worked. She was like the canary in the mind. Her symptoms were so visible it was obvious the tinctures weren’t working. 

While this was going on, Alice’s parents stayed hopeful when I would have fallen into despair. They had heard the FDA was trying to create an epilepsy drug (it has since happened and Alice is successfully taking it) from CBD oil and that information spurred their desire to keep trying. Then one day they tried Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and it worked! She stopped seizing for several hours. Just like that, they had a solution.  As long as they dosed her every few hours around the clock she didn’t seize. She was living, visible proof positive that Charlotte’s Web brand actually worked. It didn’t just help, it fixed her. Her parents are so devoted to the brand that they tell anyone who will listen that it is a miracle in a bottle.

Cure All? More like, Cure’s Enough

If you have ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek wedding then you know that the patriarch in the movie believes that everything can be cured by spraying window cleaner on it. The way he feels about his spray bottle of cleaner is the way I feel about Charlotte’s Web. Have a headache? Charlotte’s Web! Stub your toe? Charlotte’s Web! The list goes on an on. 

The Stanley Brothers started the Charlotte’s Web  to help one little girl named Charlotte live a better life and named the company after her.  Since then they have become one of the leading companies in the ever expanding CBD market. Their manifesto contains the words “We believe that natural shouldn’t be the alternative.” I believe that, too. CBD doesn’t have known side effects and the synergistic effect of full spectrum CBD on human and animals is all positive, I’m truly thankful for having access to a natural product that helps my family’s little problems.  I’m even more thankful that people like Alice can be helped by nature and live a better life.