Elixinol Company Review

Elixinol Company Review

When it comes to CBD oil, the choices are truly endless. Hundreds, if not thousands, of brands have delved into this market and started to produce their own CBD products. While many of these companies offer real CBD oil products that are made the right way, some brands will only end up wasting your money, so it’s important to do your research so you can buy from a quality CBD company. 

In this post, we look at Elixinol, a company that has gained a positive reputation in the last few years and is already starting to make its mark in more than just the United States. 

Elixinol’s Seven Pillars Philosophy


Elixinol stands by every single product it produces. While it has a large variety of products on the market, each one was developed to provide specific benefits. This helps to reduce the confusion that customers often face when trying to buy CBD products. 

The company has also established its own Seven Pillars Philosophy to ensure the satisfaction of every customer who puts their trust in the brand:

  • To have a clear vision, which is to educate and inspire the world to live healthier and happier lives, naturally, with the help of cannabidiol. 
  • To strive toward a commitment to excellence, which essentially means the company will only provide its customers with the highest quality CBD oils and related products. 
  • To source every single ingredient from superior sources, reducing the risk of exposure to toxins, while also improving the purity of every bottle produced. 
  • To develop every product through an expert approach, using research and thorough testing to ensure the CBD oil offered to the customer will be safe and effective. 
  • To have a strong channel of partners to ensure ingredients are only sourced from the best and purest sources. 
  • To ensure every customer is valued and provided the best experience. 

Elixinol Certificates of Analysis

One of the most important reasons why many people buy from Elixinol is the purity and quality of their products. It can be hard to know if CBD oil is truly pure by simply looking at it. That is why Elixinol goes the extra mile and ensures every single product that it develops is tested in a third-party laboratory. 

Unlike some companies who simply make such claims, Elixinol shares the results of all the tests conducted on its large range of products. In fact, the company has a webpage dedicated to sharing copies of the certificates for their tinctures and other CBD oil products. 

The majority of the products that Elixinol sells actually hold multiple certificates to ensure a more thorough analysis of these CBD products. This gives you, as the customer, even more assurance that you’re buying a quality product.

Elixinol’s Product Range

While Elixinol started out relatively small with only a CBD oil, the company has since expanded greatly. Today, it offers many products, including:

Elixinol Product Pricing

The prices for Elixinol CBD oil products are relatively affordable, especially when you compare them to some of the competitors. $11.99-$39.99 

Some of the CBD oil products do cost more, such as those with a purer form of CBD extract or a more potent concentration. $69.99-$219.99

Elixinol Shipping Policies


Elixinol has expanded to many countries over the last few years and ships both within the United States and internationally. However, you’re still responsible for requesting information about importing CBD-based products from your local customs department. 

Elixinol offers free shipping to customers in the United States.

Elixinol Return Policy

As noted previously, Elixinol is serious about the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their customers. For this reason, the company provides a return policy in order to ensure customers who feel dissatisfied with their purchase can be compensated. You get a full 30 days to determine if you’re satisfied with the product.

If a customer receives a product that is damaged, they need to submit a claim within 72 hours of receiving the package. 

Final Verdict

Elixinol has built a reputation as a quality supplier of CBD oil products in the last few years. The company specializes in the production of CBD oil tinctures and also offers a range of other products. Prices are affordable compared to alternative brands, and free shipping is offered to customers in the United States.