Endoca Company Review

Endoca Company Review

The use of CBD oil has been linked to many positive health benefits. Users have reported that pain related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even sport-related injuries improve significantly with just a few drops of this oil. The popularity of CBD products made from hemp plants has significantly increased over just a few years—due in some part to being legal in all 50 states. This popularity has led to the creation of an industry and thousands of companies producing CBD oils and related products with the compound. This is why our CBD Buyer’s Guide is essential reading. 

With so many companies to choose from, consumers often don’t know which one they can trust. In this post, we review Endoca, a brand whose longevity has established it as a trusted supplier of products that contain cannabidiol as an active ingredient. 

Endoca Company Overview


Endoca’s story goes back more than a decade. It was the very first company in the world to sell its products on the internet. Today, Endoca is an established presence in the CBD industry, and thousands of people have turned to this company to find products to help them cope with stress and anxiety, improve their sleep, and assist in the management of their pain. 

Endoca Laboratory Tests and Certificates

Endoca understands what it takes to produce quality CBD products. Additionally, the company also understands the concerns that consumers may have with a product like CBD, which is why the company is completely transparent when it comes to providing customers with as many details as possible. Endoca offers a full overview of testing certificates provided by third-party laboratories. These certificates provide a complete cannabinoid profile analysis of their products as well as information about their safety and purity. 

Endoca Product Range

Endoca started out with a simple range of CBD oil products. After seeing how effective these products were, the founder of the company decided to start expanding the product line. Even though Endoca’s product range isn’t as extensive as some competitor brands on the market, the overall quality of the products should be taken into account. 

Here is a look at what Endoca has to offer:

Endoca Product Pricing

Endoca’s prices are reasonable compared with other companies, and price points depend on several common factors such as the concentration of CBD found in the item. This will always have the biggest impact on the cost. 

Endoca Shipping Policies


Endoca ships to customers worldwide. The company has two facilities: For customers who reside in the United States, there is a facility in California that will process orders and ship via a domestic carrier. Standard shipping is free for orders over $74 and will take up to five business days to arrive. The company also offers expedited shipping for U.S. orders, but that will incur an added charge. 

For international customers, Endoca has a facility in Germany. Delivery depends on the customer’s location. It should be noted that Endoca will not be held responsible for import taxes that might be added to a shipment. 

Endoca Return Policy

Endoca does have a return policy in place for customers, but it’s important to note that it is not a satisfaction guarantee like some other brands offer. Endoca will not accept returns of opened items, and the return also needs to be made within 14 days of the purchase date. The customer care team will need to confirm and approve the refund before it will be processed.

Customer Reviews and Opinions


When we review a company that sells CBD products, we don’t just report what the company says about itself. It is always important to get the views from its customers. For these opinions, we always turn to Facebook, TrustPilot, and other independent websites where consumers are free to express their opinions about a specific brand and the products that they purchased. 

The fact that Endoca has established a name for itself meant finding reviews on external websites was very easy. The company’s Facebook page is backed by a number of reviews, and there is a TrustPilot profile for the brand that has more than 3,000 reviews. Impressively, the majority of the reviews are positive. 

Here, we share just a few of the thousands of reviews that were posted to give you an idea of the overall opinion expressed by Endoca’s customers*:

“Amazing CBD oil! It helped me within minutes after taking it! I had chronic intense pain from fibromyalgia. It helped me in so many ways. I have tried many other brands, but [the] CBD oil [from] Endoca is by far superior!”

“A most excellent CBD product that truly benefits humanity on so many levels. Top-notch!!!”

“Only buy from Endoca. It is the best CBD oil on the market! I’ve bought it many times, and the Raw Hemp Oil works great for me! I have received so many benefits from it! I highly and strongly recommend purchasing from this company!”

“Taste good, helps with stress and sleep.”

*These reviews have been edited for grammar and clarity.

Final Verdict

Endoca is an established brand in the CBD industry with many products to choose from. The company follows strict manufacturing rules for CBD oils and products, and thousands of positive reviews back up the claims that this brand makes regarding the variety and efficacy of its products. In addition, the company is fully transparent when it comes to giving its customers full access to the certificates it earned after its products underwent testing at a third-party laboratory.