How to Find the Most Affordable CBD Oil

When checking out different CBD prices, it is normal to see a significant range. The cost of processing and the current market pricing are two key factors used to determine the price CBD products. Also, the type of hemp used for the CBD products will impact costs. CBD oils from organic, pesticide-free hemp will always cost more than non-organic types.

Extraction methods affect how much a company charges for their products. CO2 extraction is regarded as the most effective method to get high concentration of CBD from hemp plants. However, this method is the most costly and will increase the CBD price passed onto the consumer. Hydrocarbon extraction is the least expensive, but has been linked to toxic byproducts.

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How is a CBD Price Determined?

When CBD products are in high demand, the price will naturally go up.  However, many companies are moving toward a set CBD price per milligram. With this model, the manufacturer will set a specific price per milligram for the CBD products. For instance, the producer may choose to charge $.08 per milligram of CBD. For this type of pricing, 200 mg CBD oil would cost $16. Although CBD products with higher milligrams cost more, they are considered more effective because of the increased dosage.

Any other ingredients in the CBD products will also affect the price. For instance, high-quality skincare products with CBD as an active ingredient can cost as much as $2 per milligram. In comparison, most CBD oils and isolates cost in the rage of $0.05 to $0.10 per milligram.

How Do I Find Affordable CBD Products?

High market demand has led to many CBD products being expensive. The good news is new legislation has increased the availability of CBD. CBD price ranges have gone down significantly because hemp farming is now allowed throughout the country. Prior to 2018, only a select few states permitted hemp farming. However, supply has yet to be maximized since states are still coming up with guidelines on how to regulate hemp farming. By 2020, it is expected that full hemp crops will be available for extraction and prices will take a downturn.

To find affordable CBD products, choose a reliable provider with a large customer base. Companies that produce large batches of CBD will typically have a lower per milligram cost than smaller operations. Comparison-shopping can help the consumer choose the best price. Look at the company’s price per milligram, extraction processes, hemp types, and customer reviews to find affordable CBD that is both safe and effective. Buying online is usually less expensive than in-store retail purchases.

Should I Know Any CBD Price Warning Signs?

CBD products made from outside of the United States may be advertised as cheaper, but the origin country may not regulate the CBD. Overseas markets may not require testing of the soil around the hemp plant, which could lead to contamination. The foreign company may be using a cheap extraction method too to keep costs down. CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction should be used for CBD processing since it produces a high-quality product. If the company relies on a different method, research the process to confirm that it is safe for the consumer. 

Companies that offer free CBD are usually scams. After the “free” sample, the consumer is enrolled in an auto-ship program that is difficult to cancel. Check out any questionable companies with the Better Business Bureau before choosing to purchase any CBD products. If a company requests credit card information but claims the CBD is free, this is a big red flag.

If a CBD price sounds too good to be true, another thing to check is if the company is transparent with their testing. CBD manufacturers should be able to produce a Certificate of Analysis for their products. This certificate confirms the source of the CBD and the concentration levels found in the products.