The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil in 2023

CBD Oil has become a hot topic amongst, well, just about everyone. But what exactly is this supposed miracle oil? Who is it for, and why would one take it? Is it safe for children? Below, we’ve asked — and answered! — the 10 most frequently asked questions about CBD oil.

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it’s no wonder that “What is it?” ranks as one of the most frequently asked questions about CBD oil. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 85 active ingredients in cannabis. It is often derived from the hemp form of cannabis, and can easily be extracted from a cannabis plant’s seeds, stalk, and flowers.

Why is CBD Oil so Beneficial?

CBD oil works naturally with the cannabinoid receptor sites which make up our endocannabinoid system, or ECS. These receptor sites are found in our brains and central nervous systems, and are responsible for myriad physiological processes, including mood, memory, pain tolerance, and appetite, to name but a few.

What is CBD Most Often Used For?

CBD has been found to positively affect a variety of conditions including epilepsy, nerve pain, joint pain and arthritis, skin defects, inflammation, muscle soreness, insomnia, infertility, depression and other mental health disorders, and some cancers. This list is likely to grow much longer thanks to CBD’s proven ability to regenerate cell activity.

Will CBD Oil Make Me High?

No, CBD oil will not and cannot give you the high usually associated with cannabis. The reason for this is because CBD, or cannabidiol, by nature contains 0.3% or less of THC, the chemical responsible for a psychoactive response. That’s approximately 33% less THC than the weakest strains of marijuana.

Can I Become Addicted to CBD Oil?

No. In fact, CBD has been scientifically proven to block the addictive effects of highly addictive painkillers such as morphine. For this reason, CBD is being used more and more to treat those addicted to prescription drugs and other dangerous substances.

If you live in the United States, it is completely legal to purchase and use CBD oil derived from hemp. Hemp, unlike other cannabis plants, is not prohibited according to the Controlled Substances Act.

Is Oil the Only Possible Form of CBD?

Oil is not the only form in which CBD is available, but it is definitely the most popular. This is because oil tends to be high in potency, and is easily able to penetrate the skin for healing that is faster and deeper. Because of its versatility, CBD oil can be purchased as a traditional oil with a dropper, or as gel capsules, transdermal patches, creams, salves, and balms.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Everyone’s body is different. While some people will need only a small amount of CBD oil to feel the positive effects, others will need more powerful doses. It is usually recommended that someone new to CBD oil start with a very low dosage of about 2-3 milligrams, then slowly increase until symptoms are gone. The amount taken when symptoms end will likely be your body’s preferred amount.

Is CBD Oil Safe for My Children?

Because CBD oil contains little to no THC, it is considered to be completely safe for use by children. In fact, CBD has gained a massive amount of popularity in recent years thanks to its use as a treatment for children suffering from epilepsy. Because CBD oils can vary in origin and quality, we recommend checking with your physician before treating your child with CBD oil in order to ensure you’re using the most effective strain of CBD for your child’s circumstance.

Will Taking CBD Oil Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, taking CBD oil can cause one to fail a drug test because it is likely to contain trace amounts of THC. While the amounts of THC in CBD oil will never be enough to induce a high, most drug tests are designed to pick up even trace amounts of the controversial cannabinoid.

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