Joy Organics CBD

Joy Organics started because a mother, grandmother, and wellness maven (not unlike many of us) was on the hunt for a CBD oil that would give her the benefits she was seeking. At the time she was especially struggling with insomnia, and it was her son that recommended CBD oil as a possible intervention. She tried so many products and there was only one out of at least seven that actually brought some relief. After copious amounts of research, it became clear that so many products are being turned out without enough regulation. In other words, who knows what is in some of the CBD oils you find on the market? There are so many extraction methods that are not clean or effective. 

This woman is Joy, of Joy Organics. Clearly she decided to make a product that she would want to purchase herself. She brought together an effective team, many of which are also women, to create one of the most potent and pure broad spectrum CBD oils out there. She has made this a complete family affair, as Joy Organics is now primarily made up of her family members who play key roles in the company. 

What makes Joy Organics so pure?

It starts with the farming. First, Joy grows a strain of hemp that is proprietary by nature and has a high level of CBD to begin with. Everything she uses is rich in nutrients, down to the soil. The farming process is clean and as natural as it gets. 

Next the organic hemp plants are dried under impeccable conditions and then milled to become a powder that is coarse to the touch. 

The next step is the extraction process. Joy Organics takes this step very seriously, as sometimes this is the part that can take down the product quality. They use what is called a CO2 extraction method that ensures the terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids in the CBD remain in the oil. Though this extraction removes all but trace amounts of THC, Joy wants to be sure that no THC is left over. THC is great for some people, and the trace amounts found in legal CBD products are not even enough to produce a high. Just to be sure, however, Joy does another purifying process to take out any waxes, all THC, and additional plant pigments, ensuring that the broad-spectrum oil is as pure as possible. The product is now ready to be third party lab tested. Every product that she sells contains a QR code that will easily take consumers to the lab results. 

Joy Organics gives you many options on how to take your CBD. The tinctures drops are one of the most popular options and give you your desired results quickly because of absorption. None of the tinctures contain alcohol or THC. Every bottle is 1 oz or 30ml.

Potency and Prices

30mg per serving- 900 mg per bottle $69.95

45mg per serving-1350 mg per bottle $89.95

75mg per serving- 2250 mg per bottle $129.95

The flavors offered are:

  • Unflavored
  • Tropical Sunrise
  • Fresh Lime