What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Marijuana?

One of the most common questions consumers have when learning about CBD oil is “What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Marijuana?” Almost everyone is familiar with the recreational use of marijuana to get high, but many are confused about whether or not CBD oil operates in the same manner. Because misinformation abounds on the topic, it’s important to learn the differences between the two and the reaction they create within the body. Below we will answer some important questions to provide further clarity on this topic.

Does CBD Contain Marijuana?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of over 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant. Most people are familiar with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is another compound found in cannabis, but CBD is much less well known. All of these compounds interact within the body’s own endocannabinoid system, leading to physical and emotional changes within the user that can be helpful in many different ways.

THC is the component that is responsible for creating a high in the user. It has psychoactive effects which can vary between users, but usually include feelings of elation, changes in the perception of sensory stimuli, and even hallucinations or delusions.

CBD is different in that in creates a calming or relaxing effect within the body. According to Leafly.com, research has indicated that CBD has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects in users without the psychoactive high that THC creates. Because of these calming versus stimulating effects, CBD also seems to be incredibly useful for the reduction of anxiety.

How is CBD Oil Different From Marijuana?

As we stated earlier, the main difference between CBD oil and marijuana is the amount of CBD and THC levels present in each. But first we will take a closer look at the differences between the actual plants that these products are manufactured from.

The cannabis plant has flowering buds and is typically grown for THC extraction or so that the various parts of the plant can be dried up and smoked. Hemp is an entirely different plant, although in the same family, and it is typically used for the production of clothing, ropes, and other materials, as well as lotions and other cosmetics or skin care items.

Cannabis and hemp plants differ greatly in the amounts of THC they contain. Even within the world of cannabis plants as a whole, you will find very different levels of THC in certain strains of marijuana versus others.

THC is a cannabanoid just like CBD is, but with opposing effects within the body. This is where the biggest differences come in between the two. Hemp is naturally very high in CBD and very low in THC. Cannabis is the opposite, being very high in THC and very low in CBD. Therefore, commercially developed CBD oil does not have the effect of creating a high within the user because there is little to no THC actually present in the product.

How Do You Determine the Right Product For You?

CBD oil has been recently shown to be vastly beneficial for a wide variety of physical and emotional health problems. While more scientific studies still need to be done, the current research we have on these topics has shown that CBD oil can be useful in the treatment of seizure disorders, anxiety and depression, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, skin conditions, auto-immune illness, cancer, autism, and a wide variety of other common issues.

CBD oil naturally contains components that help dull pain, that regulate the way the body receives sensory information, and that reduce inflammation within the body. This makes it a perfect treatment option for a whole slew of serious health complaints that often cause debilitation, pain, and a disruption in the quality of life for the sufferer.

Perhaps best of all, CBD oil accomplishes these things without the risks that go along with the THC component. And since marijuana remains illegal across most of the country, CBD oil makes it possible to enjoy the positive benefits that the compounds of this plant can offer while avoiding negative side effects and keeping in compliance with the local laws regarding marijuana use.

CBD oil is relatively new but is quickly gaining ground and becoming a huge topic of discussion and debate in the world of natural and self treatments. Many people hear about these products being discussed, even within mainstream media sources, but remain confused as to how they operate and what effects they have on the body. Since there is much misinformation on the internet about the topic, we hope this article has answered your question, “What is the difference between CBD oil and marijuana?”

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