How Is High Quality CBD Oil Farmed and Prepared?

As you learn more about how CBD oil works and the health benefits it can provide, you may find yourself asking, “How is high quality CBD oil farmed and prepared?”

The Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp CBD Oil

In order to understand the preparation of CBD oil, we must first distinguish the difference between cannabis and hemp CBD oil. Not all CBD oils are created equal.

CBD is only one of over 60 active compounds present in the cannabis plant. THC is another well known cannabinoid that is present in the plant, and most people are familiar with THC due to the fact that it is the compound that causes a “high” in the user.

Hemp is an entirely different plant than the cannabis plant, although it is closely related. Hemp has traditionally been used as a building material, to make clothing items, and to create lotions and other topical concoctions. Hemp contains high levels of the CBD compound, but is very low in THC. Therefore, CBD oils extracted from hemp do not have a psychoactive effect on the user. CBD oils manufactured from cannabis do contain THC, but the levels will vary across brands and between specific formulations of CBD oil products.

How is CBD Oil Made? The Farming Process

The production of CBD oil products begins with farming practices. The first step involved is locating quality cannabis seeds. Just as with any other type of product a person may buy, there are different levels of quality of seeds available. Research on the background of those selling the seeds is important in determining if they are of the highest quality.

Next, as with anything else that is farmed, the seeds are planted and maintained until they grow to the point of being ready to be harvested. All of the components of the plants have a use, and this includes the seeds, stalks, and flowers of the plants. The different components may be used for different purposes and in different concentrations for each product.

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Methods of Extracting CBD Oil

Once the cannabis or hemp plant is fully mature, how is CBD oil prepared? There are a wide variety of extraction methods, including both simple and complex methods. In general, methods using heat during the extraction process tend to negatively affect the quality of the end product more. Cold pressing methods are the safest in terms of keeping the quality in check. Below are a few of the most commonly used methods of extraction, along with the pros and cons of each.

Cold Pressing Extraction

Hemp seeds contain a multitude of compounds that provide nutrition and other beneficial effects to the body. Unfortunately, heat begins to degrade these compounds, making them less effective and less able to be properly utilized by the body. In the cold pressing extraction technique, the seeds are simply ground together to extract the natural oils within them, and the process is done in a manner that keeps the seeds at a constant temperature below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extraction with Ethanol

Ethanol is commonly used to extract the CBD oil from the various parts of the plant, and is completely safe for consumption. The main downside to this manner of extraction is the fact that it can negatively affect the taste and color of the end product. However, it does do a relatively good job at maintaining the quality of the cannabanoids left behind in the final product, making it a good choice for quality purposes.

The CO2 Extraction Method

Extraction using CO2 is completely non-toxic, but requires more expensive and sophisticated equipment to get the job done, making it a less favored method of extraction overall. In spite of being more expensive and labor intensive to perform, this method does the best job of retaining all the cannabanoid compounds present, meaning it overall offers the best results.

There are other less preferred methods of extracting CBD oil, including some using petroleum or other solvents. These methods are not highly recommended because of the concern that some of the residue from these solvents may end up remaining in the completed product and could have negative effects on the users health. It is a good idea to carefully research the extraction methods each company and manufacturer uses before making a purchase.

CBD oil is a hot topic of discussion, with information abounding from all sources including mainstream media. We gathered this information to help you understand what is involved in the manufacturing process and how you can find a high quality CBD oil that can provide you with the best benefits. We hope this information has answered your question, “How is high quality CBD oil farmed and prepared?”

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