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In recent years, the waning popularity of cigarettes is attributed to the increasing awareness of the health risks associated with the continued use of a product containing nicotine. As smoking has become a way of life for many, several smokers find it hard to quit smoking entirely. Helping smokers make that life-changing shift is Oklahoma Smokes, a New York City-based company offering nicotine-free hemp cigarettes.

Oklahoma Smokes Review - fact

Have you decided to quit but need a little more push and a safer way to kick the habit? Oklahoma Smokes says it understands your struggles and hesitations! Take that crucial step and learn more about the company and its CBD cigarette throughout this review.

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About the Company

Oklahoma Smokes, headquartered in New York City, launched its business in August 2020. The CBD-filled and tobacco-free cigarette product was the brainchild of two friends and co-founders. 

Oklahoma Smokes’ mission is to encourage consumers to see smoking as a choice, not an addiction. The anti-tobacco message of the startup business drew the attention of both CBD users and tobacco users who plan on kicking the habit. Through their social media accounts, the brand quickly rose in popularity.

Unlike most smokers who perceive smoking as a dead-end, Oklahoma Smokes encourages and empowers conventional cigarette smokers to get rid of cigarette hangovers. The brand’s long-term goal is to help people take a step in the right direction by offering them non-addictive alternative hemp smokes consisting of a high CBD hemp flower used, grown organically, and hand-harvested. Top-quality hemp harvesting, curing, and packaging procedures result in smooth and flavorful smokes.

The Hemp

Natural hemp flower is used in Oklahoma Smokes cigarettes. It contains 8% CBD + CBG and has trace amounts of THC containing less than 0.3%, so you won’t have to fear feeling an uncontrollable high. 

Oklahoma Smokes uses rolling papers that are made of unbleached wood pulp paper. The best feature of these cigarette papers is that they’re chemical-free and eco-friendly. As for the filters used, hemp is made out of plant cellulose and is entirely biodegradable. Due to its natural and organic features, it burns faster than a standard cigarette paper.

Oklahoma Smokes Reputation

CBD cigarette users must find the best quality CBD products. As such, it makes sense to buy from a reputable source. Oklahoma Smokes’ third-party lab tests confirm the product’s additive-free, nicotine-free, and tobacco-free characteristics, as well biodegradability. In the same way, Oklahoma Smokes’ hemp cigarettes have double-tested negative for pathogens, microbes, heavy metals, and pesticides, which these details are also provided in the lab test results

Oklahoma Smokes contains CBD, and users can experience its benefits. With a taste that closely resembles a traditional cigarette’s, this option does away with the addictive properties of nicotine. Instead, it leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. The additive-free paper also burns faster than traditional smokes, making it a considerably better alternative to your pack of nicotine-containing cigars.

Extraction and Manufacturing Process

CBD products do not belong to a one-size-fits-all industry. Various extraction and manufacturing processes are involved in their development. They vary in terms of the quality of the seeds used and the cultivation and extraction processes. If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD product that you can trust, you will have to factor in a few things, including the extraction method.

By knowing where and how the product was made, you can determine the CBD products that work best for you! This part will discuss the different extraction methods that can ultimately impact the product’s quality, potency, and purity. Take a look at these different extraction methods:

  • Carbon Dioxide Extraction

In the CBD industry, CO2 extraction has become the most chosen and preferred extraction method due to its efficiency and reliability. CBD is extracted from plant materials using supercritical CO2. Carbon dioxide in the supercritical state is between the state of a gas and of a liquid. Multi-chamber extraction involves pumping and funneling the CO2 through multiple pressurized chambers, exposing it to high pressures and low temperatures, which results in a CBD-rich oil that is highly concentrated. 

As part of this process, supercritical CO2 is pumped from one chamber to another, where hemp plants are exposed to it. As a result, the plant material breaks down, and the oil separates. A third chamber is then used to funnel the CO2 and oil together. After evaporation, a pure CBD oil extract is left behind, which is then used as the main ingredient to create a wide variety of CBD products. In this extraction method, CBD is consistently extracted at high concentrations without leaving any toxic residue behind. For this reason, it makes it the most popular and preferred extraction method for CBD manufacturers. 

  • Solvent Extraction

As with steam distillation, the solvent extraction method uses a solvent instead of water. There are some risks associated with solvent extraction, but it can be more efficient than steam distillation. The CBD is extracted using butane, alcohol, propane, or more natural compounds, like olive oil or ethanol for solvent extractions. Combining or soaking plant materials in a solvent strips the cannabinoids from them. A subsequent step is evaporation, whereby the solvent is evaporated, leaving behind an oil containing cannabinoids. 

As well as the use of potentially hazardous and flammable solvents during the extraction process affecting its popularity, there is the possibility that the solvent residue will not be fully evaporated in the final step, leaving potentially harmful toxins in your CBD. Thus, although this is an effective extraction method, it’s not as popular as CO2 extraction.

  • Steam Distillation

CBD can be extracted through steam distillation, an old-fashioned method. The process requires a distillation tank that comes with an inlet and outlet. A separate water tank is connected to the distillation tank via its channel, positioned below it. Condensates collected from the distillation tank are added to a collecting flask through a condensing tube. Water is boiled in the first tank during this process. As the steam rises, it separates the CBD oil vapors from the plant material. 

As the vapors pass through the condensing tube, they are converted into water and oil. To separate the CBD oil from water, these liquids are then distilled. CBD concentrations can be diluted in steam distillation, and plant material must be used more per extraction than other methods. In summary, it’s a viable and proven CBD extraction method, but it requires more plant materials, leading to inefficient results compared to CO2 extraction.

What Extraction Method Does Oklahoma Smokes Use?

Many reputable CBD manufacturing companies use the CO2 extraction process because it has the least toxic residues. Oklahoma Smokes uses the same method, so users enjoy residue-free and clean CBD content in their hemp cigarettes. 

Moreover, the company’s products are formulated according to the highest nutraceutical standards within an FDA-inspected facility that is fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Their production is free of additives, chemicals, and preservatives. 


All batches produced by Oklahoma Smokes are tested twice in the lab to ensure the high-quality, full-spectrum smokes are free of toxins, pesticides, and additives. Their transparency is greater than that of a cigarette company. When you purchase a pack of hemp cigarettes, you’ll be getting value offered by Oklahoma Smokes, which means that their products don’t contain additives, and they provide transparent details and lab test results on their site.

Their hemp is fully grown in California and New York. If you have any concerns about their promises and offerings, they have reliable customer service, which is also transparent in helping you with your problems.

Double Lab Testing That Disrupts The CBD Industry

To find a CBD product that is safe and effective, a third-party lab test is essential. In guaranteeing peace of mind, Oklahoma Smokes products underwent lab tests with results that prove they are safe for consumption. The process for third-party labs starts when the company sends out its samples to an independent unaffiliated testing facility that is independent and unbiased. A variety of factors are tested on the batches, including the number of cannabinoids, the potency, and the presence of pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful. 

CBD brands with a good reputation send their products out for testing. These reliable companies post and make their certifications visible to give a guarantee for their consumers. Put, if you’ve come across a company that lacks such credentials, it’s wiser to buy elsewhere. 

Aside from conducting a lab test, Oklahoma Smokes try to double the guarantee by having double lab tests instead. Perhaps as other companies in the CBD industry may have done it, this is a bold and popular move for CBD companies who want to ensure safety for their users. Hiring a third-party testing facility requires investments, and imagine having them pay twice the amount because of double lab testing. This goes to show that Oklahoma Smokes care for the wellbeing and safety of their users.  

What Can You Search On A Lab Test?

Oklahoma Smoke’s lab certifications can be found on their site, which you can access pretty easily. Hemp possesses more than 100 compounds, among which CBD (cannabidiol) is one. The lab test determines the precise amount of chemicals you are taking. Manufacturers and customers are alerted to potential contaminants in the mix. Expect to find out more of these variables in a lab test result:

The Potency

According to the results of Oklahoma Smoke’s lab tests, the sum of Cannabinoids reaches 10.066%, which means you’ll be getting 100.66 mg/g as what each product promises. It simply means you’re getting enough value for your money when you purchase a hemp cigarette from Oklahoma Smokes.

The THC Content

It’s understandable to carefully check the THC content to ensure that you’re safe and won’t get in legal trouble for being high. Oklahoma Smokes hemp cigarette contains up to 0.3% THC only, compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Rest assured when you puff on these hemp nicotine-free cigars, you won’t experience any psychoactive effects. 


The presence of contaminants in plant-based products is a significant concern which is why it’s crucial to double-check the lab test results for any contaminant contents for your chosen hemp cigarettes. Among the unwanted chemicals are pesticides, herbicides, microbial contaminants such as molds and yeasts, mycotoxins, and solvent residues from extraction. These are also included in the COAs. As you can check on the lab test result on Oklahoma Smokes’ site, you’ll find the word “PASS” along with variables such as pesticides, heavy metals, foreign materials, microbial impurities, water activity, and mycotoxins.

Purchasing Process and User Experience

Aside from ensuring quality and safety, the overall purchasing experience of a customer is prioritized by a reliable company like Oklahoma Smokes. Check out the following factors to expect upon your first or repeat purchase.


In addition to Oklahoma Smoke’s intuitive user interface and easy-to-navigate website, it offers a smooth and hassle-free checkout process, which saves you time and energy. Their checkout is very straightforward, allowing you to click fewer buttons compared to other sellers’ interfaces.

Since Oklahoma Smokes sell the famous hemp cigarette, you’ll be given a choice to click on the number of packs you’re planning to buy. You’ll read brief product descriptions and customer reviews. Some of their options include offering you a mystery gift if you have five orders or more. And if you ever wish to order by the carton, you can get a 10% discount. Isn’t that a great deal?

Subscribe and Save

Oklahoma Smokes implemented a repeat-customer subscription program after many people preordered the company’s hemp cigarette packs month after month. This ensures lesser time and hassle for users to keep visiting the site to order each month. Moreover, you can also save money with this option. 

Their subscribe and save program gives you two options, you can subscribe and get stocks every 2 or 4 weeks. When you’re subscribed, you’re entitled to get 15% on your total orders. Additionally, you’ll be assured to be receiving products despite the company’s shortage or struggles in providing enough supplies for all orders. The company always prioritizes those that have subscribed, so stocks are always safe-kept for you each month. You’ll experience no troubles and gaps with your daily or monthly consumptions. Automating your purchase indeed gives you monetary, convenience, and stocks assurance benefits.


Orders are processed and fulfilled within two to three business days, which pretty much meets the expectations of online customers. Order fulfillments are scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so keep these in mind when ordering. Depending on the shipping option you pick, shipping may take from two to four business days. Free shipping promotions apply exclusively to orders shipped within the United States.

Does Oklahoma Smokes Ship Internationally?

For now, Oklahoma Smokes only ships within the US and to Austria. But as the startup company is expanding and growing, it may soon offer international shipping to other countries.


When it comes to the returns policy, Oklahoma Smokes has one of the best we’ve seen. The company seeks to make your experience with their product the best one. Thus, they want customers to be 110% with their purchases. They hold the promise of ensuring that every transaction becomes delightful for the client. 

For any concerns or if you’re not satisfied with your order, you can contact their customer service by sending them an email at howdy@itsoklahomas.com, and they’ll get your squared right away. 


Oklahoma Smokes offers a monthly promotion. Oklahoma Smokes also offers mystery surprise gifts for bulk orders of 5 to 10 packs. The best way to receive the best deals and promotions is by subscribing to their mailing list; this will instantly qualify you for a 10% discount. Also, if you’re subscribed as a frequent buyer, you’ll save up to 15% on all your purchases. Did you know that they donate $1 from every pack sold to the American Lung Association?

Referral Program

Let your family and friends know about Oklahoma Smokes if they need help breaking free from using nicotine-containing products. Often, people overlook the brand’s loyalty referral program, which can result in substantial savings. Each time someone purchases after being recommended to the product, Oklahoma Stores offers $5 off! It’s a win-win for every party involved, as you help friends and family break the habit of smoking.

Customer Care

The customer service of a company plays a significant role in how they prepare their high-quality product offerings. While it’s one thing to boast about your excellent customer service, some companies don’t have reliable contact support. Customer’s concerns aren’t addressed in a timely, leaving them feeling frustrated and agitated. This is not the case for Oklahoma Smokes. You can contact them by sending an email to howdy@itsoklahomas.com, and a response will be sent back within the day.

Facebook and Instagram pages for the brand are also active. You can follow their Instagram account, @itsoklahomas, and find them on Facebook with the account name Oklahoma Smokes. Feel free to follow and interact with them through these convenient social media platforms. You can also find updates from these pages for some exciting offers and product launches in the future. 


Oklahoma Smoke’s website also has a blog, which is another excellent feature. You can explore this site for more information on many aspects of CBD. You can find quality and reliable content to aid you on your journey to stop smoking nicotine cigarettes. Numerous articles can support you with your nicotine withdrawal and help you break free from the unhealthy habit once and for all. 

Oklahoma Smoke’s Products

Tobacco-Free Hemp Smokes 20 Pack

Hemp cigarettes grown on a farm in California have been developed by Oklahoma Smokes. With no tobacco or additives, these cigarettes are filled with full-spectrum indoor-grown hemp flower that contains 8% CBD and CBG. There’s no doubt that this clean alternative to smoking is an excellent choice for those who want to quit, and based on the 262 reviews, users agree. It comes in a familiar shape, mimicking a conventional cigarette, so users can combat the strong desire to light a cigarette. Oklahoma Smokes allows users to stop smoking without giving up their favorite ritual or pleasure.

Oklahoma Smokes is offering the hemp nicotine-free product for now. But they do sell provision goods like their bandanna, matchbook set, t-shirt, and their crewneck. These are fine-crafted goods that are also perfect as gifts to encourage anyone you know who’s on their way to quitting smoking. Like their high-quality hemp cigarettes, the company is committed to building its brand through its promise of support and motivating message.

Oklahoma Smokes Pricing And Money Back Guarantee

The official Oklahoma Smokes website allows you to purchase the product. Purchases can be made in various quantities. Three-package purchases receive free shipping within the US. One pack of tobacco-free hemp smokes 20 pack costs $15.99 on their site, plus shipping. However, depending on the month, they sometimes offer free shipping for all orders. If you purchase five packs, you’ll be getting a mystery gift and a free shipment. If you go for one carton for longer supplies, you’ll have a 10% discount. Oklahoma Smokes also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to those who aren’t satisfied with their purchase. Feel free to contact their email support at howdy@itsoklahomas.com.  

The Bottom Line

If you desire to quit but cannot fight cravings, habit, or oral fixation, Oklahoma cigarettes may be able to help you. The nicotine-free alternative is a way to satisfy your need to smoke and may help you kick the habit. With Oklahoma Smokes CBD, it is possible to shift away from your conventional packs of cigarettes entirely. Turn to the brand’s array of non-addictive and nicotine-free hemp cigarettes that are clean, pure, and safe for your consumption.