Pet Health CBD Company Overview

Pet Health CBD

Oils containing cannabidiol have become a popular option for improving human health. People take CBD oil to assist with a number of conditions, ranging from nausea to arthritis. 

However, you may not realize that dogs and cats can benefit from CBD, too. Adding a CBD tincture to your pet’s daily life may help to ease their anxiety and relieve other issues as well. 

One company that makes CBD products for pets is Pet Health CBD. This company offers pet owners an excellent range of products that use cannabidiol extracted from locally grown, high-quality hemp plants. Let’s review Pet Health CBD to see what the brand is all about, whether it’s trustworthy, and explore what kinds of products it sells. 

Pet Health CBD Company Overview

Pet Health CBD

Pet Health CBD is located in the Central Coast region of California. Aside from that vague geographical location, limited information is available regarding Pet Health CBD. Its official website does not include an About Us page or other details about why the company was founded or what its vision is. 

We did find that Pet Health CBD offers customer service via various communication methods. The website provides a phone number as well as two different email addresses. One email address seems to be focused on questions that might arise after you’ve made a purchase, while the other seems more geared towards asking questions about a specific product before placing an order. 

Pet Health CBD Laboratory Tests and Certificates

Laboratory tests are usually considered essential when it comes to buying products that contain cannabidiol and other extracts from hemp plants. These tests are performed by third-party labs and give you peace of mind that the product you’re about to buy has been tested for safety and efficiency. 

Lab-testing certificates also help you understand the cannabinoid profile of a specific product. This information helps you ensure that you won’t give your dog or cat too much THC, which is known to cause psychoactive effects. 

Pet Health CBD’s homepage claims that the company sends its products to a third-party laboratory for testing. The company states that all of its products contain less than 0.3% THC content. Additionally, it also notes that it adds essential oils and terpenes extracted from plant-based sources to these products.

However, we were unable to locate links or copies of any lab-testing certificates, which makes it hard to determine whether these claims are valid. 

Pet Health CBD Product Range

Pet Health CBD

The range of products produced by Pet Health CBD is relatively unique compared to other brands, especially other companies that make CBD products for pets. While the company offers tinctures and capsules, similar to some of its competitors, Pet Health CBD also sells a couple of unique oil blends. For example, there’s a coconut oil infused with cannabidiols. 

Below is an overview of the products you can expect to find in the Pet Health CBD catalog:

  • CBD Organic Olive Oil (available in 300mg and 750mg varieties)
  • Anti-Separation CBD Tincture
  • Daily Wellness CBD Capsules
  • Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture

In addition, Pet Health CBD also sells value bundles. These packages can help you save a significant amount of money, compared to buying the bundled items separately. 

Pet Health CBD currently offers two bundles. The first includes a Muscle & Joint CBD Tincture and an Anti-Separation CBD Tincture. The second comes with those two products, along with a bottle of the Daily Wellness CBD Capsules. 

Pet Health CBD Product Pricing

Pet Health CBD prices are relatively affordable and seem to be in line with most other companies that offer similar products. The price depends on the type of product as well as the strength of the formula. 

All of the standard CBD tinctures that Pet Health CBD offers are available for $39.95. The CBD Organic Olive Oil tincture ranges from $39.95 to $59.95. The Daily Wellness CBD Capsules cost $49.95. 

The CBD product bundles offered by the brand range from $75.90 to $123.35. 

Pet Health CBD Shipping Policies

Pet Health CBD only ships to customers who live in the United States. The company uses UPS for shipping, and products will only be shipped out domestically. 

No fixed pricing is given for shipping; your shipping cost is calculated as you go through the checkout process. The price for shipping usually depends on where the package will be sent and the size of your order. 

Pet Health CBD Return Policy

Pet Health CBD believes in giving you the best value for your money. If you feel that the product isn’t working, it seems to be defective, or you’re not entirely satisfied, you can take advantage of a 30-day guarantee to get a refund. 

Customer Reviews and Opinions

Pet Health CBD

We always consider customer testimonials and reviews when we look at a brand like Pet Health CBD. Even though these products are developed to be given to pets, the owners will usually be able to determine whether or not the product seems to be effective. 

The problem when it comes to Pet Health CBD is that the brand does not seem to have much of an online presence. There are no user reviews on its official website, and we were also unable to find reviews on third-party websites such as Facebook.

Final Verdict

While the products manufactured by Pet Health CBD seem to have the potential to help dogs and cats, the company has a limited online presence. At the moment, its products are only available on its own website, and we couldn’t find any customer reviews. The company notes that thorough testing has been done on all of its products, but doesn’t provide any links to laboratory certificates. As Pet Health CBD establishes more of an online presence, it will be easier to tell how it fits into the category of CBD pet products.