Receptra Pet Company Review

I have been consuming CBD oil for anxiety for close to a year now, and have seen remarkable results. I live in North Carolina where we refer to the months May through December not as fall and winter, but simply as Hurricane Season. It occurred to me as I was preparing for the most recent hurricane scare that my dog could surely also benefit from CBD products.

My small poodle mutt is generally mild-mannered, but the moment any weather event even threatens, she is a complete mess. She shakes, has explosive diarrhea, vomits and exhibits unpredictable behavior. Once during an episode, she nearly bit an old friend who she knows well, among other out of character and similar things. Her very old, pitbull sister just sits and watches the little one freak out, also seeming as helpless as we are. We have tried everything.

To our surprise, a pet compression vest guaranteed to calm my sensitive pup seemed to make it worse. She acted as if she were trapped and could not control her movements while barking repetitively until I took it off her. We tried an herbal flower essence designed to combat pet stress, which did nothing at all. Finally, we resorted to bright pink human antihistamine pills, which actually was the best thing. The best thing, that is, until we tried the CBD oil. 

CBD and MCT oil in one!

  • Ingredients come from family-owned farms in Colorado with clean air, water, organic and growing practices
  • Third-Party tested for impurities and heavy metals
  • MCT oil also has remarkable health benefits for pets and is combined with the CBD
  • Depending on the size, a bottle will run $69.95
  • Receptra offers returns for customers who are unhappy with the product

I did some research and decided to purchase Receptra Pet, which seemed to have all of the accolades that I required, specifically around the growing process and organic crops. Receptra was also more affordable than some products that had similar specs. The bottle arrived pretty quickly with no hassle after I ordered it on the phone. Normally I would order online, but I had some questions that were thoroughly answered by customer service before I placed my order.

Fu Fu is a little under 15 pounds, so as directed I gave her ¼ of a dropper in a pill pocket treat, which she took with ease. I kept an eye on her all evening, and even after the first clap of thunder, her behavior was remarkably normal! No throwing up, no diarrhea, and very little shaking. This has honestly never happened. She pretty much just chilled next to me on the couch, and seemed a little lethargic, but not too out of the ordinary.

CBD oil for Dog Anxiety and Cancer Prenvention

Because this was such a win, we have been giving Receptra Pet to our 14-year-old pit for the last month, and her back legs and hips seem to be in less pain. She is moving more like her younger self, and I am so happy to see her engage in activities that she hasn’t in months. I give Receptra to Penny the pitbull daily, and Fu Fu only as needed. This might change as she ages. So many of my friends’ pets have gotten cancer or benign tumors, and I like that studies show that CBD for pets also has cancer and tumor remediation/ prevention qualities. Statistically, little poodle mixes can live nearly 20 years. If she wants all of those years to be in my house, we had to find a solution. Receptra Pet has become that solution, and we could not be more relieved.