CBD Oil in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Curious about where to buy CBD oil in Virginia Beach? We’ve got you covered!

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural derivative of the Hemp plant and works directly with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. Endocannabinoid receptors are located in the brain, central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system, and play a role in regulating mood, energy, sleep, appetite and immunity. CBD has been shown to naturally balance this important body system, and to be effective in treating conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, autism, epilepsy, pain, and inflammation, among others. In addition to being natural, CBD is non-psychoactive; it does not contain the THC found in marijuana which causes a high. Furthermore, CBD oil does not cause any known side effects, unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, and creates a gentle sensation of relaxation in the user.

CBD Shops in Virginia Beach

Most CBD users take advantage of the many convenient online CBD stores which offer in-home delivery, which is legal in all states. Prefer the experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store? There are several shops selling CBD in Virginia Beach, including options in Sandbridge, Aragona Villiage, Timberlake, and Windsor Woods, as well as surrounding towns like Norfolk and Chesapeake.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Sandbridge

CBD Livity (2733 Sandpiper Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456) is a CBD shop and wellness center located right by Sandbridge Beach, and is arguable the source of the best quality CBD in Virginia Beach. CBD Livity sells premium, broad-spectrum and cold-extracted CBD oil products, including salves, crystalline isolates, elixers and concentrates, as well as hemp-based apparel and candles.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Aragona Villiage

Space Station (4604 Pembroke Lake Cir, Ste 103, Virginia Beach, VA 23455) is a clean, bright and welcoming headshop selling glassware, vape supplies, and a range of reputable and cheap CBD oil products. The store carries top-shelf products like organic CBD gummies from Green Roads, and all-natural CBD oil tinctures by Hemp Bomb. The store has earned a 5-star Yelp rating for excellent customer service and range of products, and is open for business seven days per week.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Timberlake

Area 51 Tobacco and Novelties (4676 Princess Anne Rd. Suite #150, Virginia Beach, VA 23462) is a fun and friendly headshop with a tongue-in-cheek alien theme. Customers appreciate the approachable staff, and give a nod to the store’s mascot, “Fred the Alien,” while shopping for tobacco products, Vapes (Liquid/Wax/Dry), E-Juice/Vape Juice, Incense, Pipes, Glass art pieces, Hookahs, Shisha, Herbal Supplements, and CBD oil, including vape, tinctures, and edibles. Area 51 Tobacco and Novelties has earned a five-star average rating on Yelp, and is often cited in reviews as having especially cheap CBD oil and vape prices.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Windsor Woods

Lavish Premium Vapor Boutique (4312 Holland Rd Ste 116 Virginia Beach, VA 23452) is a stylish vape store with a yip, youthful staff and staggering selection of vape flavors, as well as premium, best quality CBD oil products. Lavish sells CBD vape liquid by popular brand Eco Drops made from full-spectrum CBD-rich whole plant cannabinoid hemp oil, as well as organic CBD capsules by EcoCaps. This popular boutique is praised by customers for having attentive staff who walk vape newbies through the selection process with patience and expertise.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Chesapeake

Mix it Up Vapor (1703 Parkview Dr, Unit 27, Chesapeake, VA 23320) sell custom made aromatherapy liquids for vaporizers, and packs a wide selection of vape flavors and accessories, as well as CBD oil products, into a small space. The store is open for business seven days per week, and has two additional locations in Suffolk.

Best CBD Oil Shop in Norfolk

Area 51 Tobacco and Novelties has a second location in Norfolk (2374 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518), with the same wide selection and friendly staff as their Virginia Beach storefront. Smoker’s Haven (956 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518) is another headshop and CBD shop, which is located inside the Norfolk Fair Price Flea Market. This well-appointed little shop, which might better be called a kiosk, carries glassware and CBD oils and wraps, at prices that Yelp reviewers describe as “unbeatable.”

You can also find CBD Products online and have them shipped to you!

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