The Best CBD Beef Jerky Products for 2023

Many of us have tried gas station beef jerky, especially on a road trip from a truck stop where you never got the name of the town you were just passing through (and maybe extra glad you were just passing through).

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I’m not quite sure why beef jerky is so ubiquitous. I imagine it’s popularity stems from the fact that It’s the kind of thing you can shove in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment for the moments you need a protein pick-me-up.

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The Best CBD-infused Beef Jerky Treats

Kushie Bites

kushie bites cbd jerky

Kushie Bites is a company that makes a variety of high-quality CBD infused edibles. I might even go as far as to say, this could be a CBD foody’s dream come true. They have some interesting offerings including CBD Nutella, gummies, honey, dog treats, and, of course, their CBD beef jerky.

There are aspects of their beef jerky that resemble the classic easy-to-come-by-snack, but the meat itself is higher quality than the dollar store version. It is actually made with dehydrated cuts of steak that are not fatty, giving your body less to break down.

Each serving offers 11 grams of protein, which is a great amount for paleo or even keto diets. This is a good treat for carb watchers of any variety. They offer two flavors Teriyaki and Original. Teriyaki is sweet and Original and has a subtle smokiness to it. 



One thing that is unique about Jerkules, is the fact that their entire business is based on selling CBD infused beef jerky. What this means is that beef jerky is not a side project along with several other edibles or CBD products. Their focus is concise, as is their commitment to quality.

Not to mention, their website is easy to navigate and engaging. It highlights their efforts to promote an active lifestyle. They suggest that their beef jerky is the perfect snack to be paired with a workout for muscle recovery.

Jerkules prides themselves on offering natural ingredients, including the steaks that jerky is made out of. Each serving has a dose of 250mg of CBD oil with zero trace of THC. Each serving only has 11 calories and 11 grams of protein. The products come in two different sizes, both one and two ounces. 

Jerkules makes their lab results available, offering customers full transparency about the quality of both the beef and the cannabis. One bag of Jerkules beef jerky in either size is an adequate dose to gain a therapeutic impact from CBD oil, including support for anxiety and depression, inflammation, back pain, and chronic pain, among other health benefits. When trying CBD products it is good to experiment with a few different vehicles and dosages to find a good fit for your body. Why not start with beef jerky?

  • Price: $14.99-$24.99
  • Dose: 250mg
  • Highlights:
    • Flavors include Classic and Teriyaki
    • 2 sizes
    • No THC
    • USA Beef

holistic healers cbd beef jerky

GREAT alternative for using the oil or swallowing pills

As far as edibles go, a beef CBD infusion is a great way to satisfy a salty meaty craving while getting the countless benefits that CBD oil has to offer. Whether you are interested in taking CBD oil for pain management or for a mood stabilizer, you might want to consider a product that brings it together with one of your favorite foods. This is especially helpful if you can’t stand the flavor of the oil itself or if you hate swallowing pills.

What is the shelf life of beef jerky infused with CBD?

It lasts a long time and does not need to be refrigerated. It is salty like a potato chip but much more substantial, and can satisfy a few cravings in one go. Recently I saw a blueberry flavored beef jerky at a 7/11 and made a comment about what different times are these. Well, beef jerky has just gotten even more cutting-edge and maybe even more innovative now that it has cropped up as one of the foods that is becoming a popular vehicle for CBD oil. 

Can you ingest TOO much CBD oil?

The only thing to keep in mind here is dosing. Yes, there is a such thing as too much CBD oil. Sometimes the edible, in this case beef jerky, is so good that is hard to not eat the whole bag, or even to pay attention to how much you have had. In the case of CBD oil, the impact can be such that too much can have an opposing effect, especially if you are taking it for anxiety and depression. That doesn’t mean don’t try it, just find moderation and enjoy.

We have sourced seven beef jerky products that contain CBD oil in the hopes that at least one will appeal to you. These products are still pretty new, so unless you are somewhere really special, you probably won’t find CBD infused beef jerky on the shelf at your road trip truck stop. Not yet anyway.

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