The 7 Best CBD Oil Drops for Seniors in 2023

As a result of innovative medical technology and increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle hacks, seniors can live much longer and healthier lives compared to previous generations. There are many contributing factors that support longevity and wellness in older adults. One useful addition to the tool kit is CBD for seniors.

CBD oil has become a fad for sure, but more and more research is emerging that suggests it is not going anywhere any time soon. Generally, CBD oil is not primarily targeting seniors by the way the products are being marketed. This is changing, as many common ailments among seniors can be minimized or eliminated when treated with CBD oil. Rather than popping ibuprofen or acetaminophen, try CBD oil for arthritis pain. CBD oil for back pain is also very effective, and can really improve the quality of life for many older adults.

Less talked about are the mental health issues that many seniors experience. While it is becoming more known that CBD oil for seniors with hip pain can be very effective, we are trying to raise awareness about the ways various forms of CBD oil can positively impact depression and anxiety. There is still so much research being done to prove this, but there are a number of benefits CBD oil has shown to have on the brain, so there is a good chance it can play a role in slowing down and/ or reversing some of the impact of dementia or even Alzheimer’s.

Whether you are an old pro at taking CBD oil, or this is your first rodeo we have come up with a list of some of the best CBD oil drop products out there, specifically with seniors in mind. Take a look and find something that appeals to you. Maybe you are drawn to the lower dosage options or the interesting flavors some brands are making? There is something for everyone.

It goes without saying that CBD oil is not a substitute, however, for other medications prescribed by your doctor, and it is always good to ask your medical team for the green light before trying something new.

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The 7 Best CBD Oil Drops for Seniors



Kanibi is another product that we love that offers full-spectrum CBD oil drops in interesting flavors. The full-spectrum oils contain trace amounts of THC, but it is not enough to have a psychoactive impact.

Many people have described the ways Kanibi oils have impacted their lives for the better, from reducing arthritis pain to having a major impact on depression and anxiety. Seniors often struggle with hip issues, and this product has been successful for some in treating hip and joint issues, while also increasing mobility as a result.

This product has been considered a good one for maintaining brain and even heart health. It has also  played a role in reducing side effects of other drugs including chemotherapy. 

Kanibi comes with what they call the Kanibi Promise which expresses their commitment to offering a product that comes from plants that are high quality and grown in the United States. All of their products have been third party tested and manufactured under the best possible conditions.

Their lab testing results are available upon request. Another Kanibi perk is they offer free shipping on all of their products, no matter how much you purchase at any given time. They also offer bundle deals, incentivizing customers to try multiple products at once. Their oils are considered ultra-pure cannabidiol, and made with so much precision. 

Price: $69 & $129

Dosage: 750mg/1 ml or 1500mg/ 1 ml

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30 ml


Multiple flavors: Skittles, peppermint, lemon lime, choco mint, cinnamon, or unflavored

Gluten Free

Organic Full spectrum

Chemical Free

High Potency

US Grown

Free Shipping

MCT Oil as the carrier (Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT)

Sweetened with Stevia



CBDFX has so many products that it can be hard to navigate all of the options on their website. Their full-spectrum CBD oil is combined with MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) for maximum absorption. The MCT oil is also loaded with essential fatty acids, which offer a number of additional health benefits including brain health, memory function, and focus.

Not unlike the other products on the list, this could be an excellent option for seniors who want to use CBD for arthritis, brain health, cellular preservation, or the many other systems it can support.

One of the ways CBDFX stands out from its competitors is all of the unique flavor offerings that they have available. It almost sounds like you’re ordering a smoothie when purchasing blueberry pineapple mango CBD oil. The flavors make the experience more interesting and easier to get down. You are encouraged to drop it into juices, put it on food, or just take it plain. 

The bottle sizes are all 30ml, which is equivalent to 30 servings. Their products come in three different concentrations  offering a large range (1000, 2000, 4000, and 6000). For CBD beginners, it is a good idea to start low and titrate up as needed.    

 Price: $69.99 – $199.99

Dosage: 100mg- 6000mg/ 1ml

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30 ml


Multiple flavors including: blueberry pineapple lemon, lemon lime mint, and lychee lemon kiwi



Low dose available

4 different concentrations

Offers pet safe products

Joy Organics

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a company that we consistently love. They have many offerings, including the CBD oil drops that are easy to take and dose according to your specific body and health goals.

One of the great benefits of CBD oil, and this product in particular, is the way it can work in conjunction with other pain medications, and enhance the therapeutic impact. CBD for chronic back pain has proven to be an excellent pairing, and Joy Organics has a solid product that can be put to the test. Many people value Joy Organics for immune support, pain management, reduction of anxiety and depression, as well as a support for overall cellular health. 

The products that Joy Organics make are broad-spectrum, meaning they only contain CBD oil with zero trace of THC or other aspects of the cannabis plant. They have consistently received excellent reviews. Their products are also gluten free, batch tested for purity, and grown in the United States.

Another sweet perk is that they are a family business and really try to bring their customers into their family vibe. What this means is that their customer service is impeccable, which includes money back guarantees if you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason. Another nice aspect of Joy Organics products are their flavor options. They come in four flavors, including natural. They also have many options as far as dosage goes- starting as low as 450mg of CBD and going all the way up to 1350mg. 

Price: $44.95-$89.95

Dosage: 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg/ 1Ml

Size: 1 fl oz/30ml

Multiple flavors including: Tranquil mint, natural, lime, orange

Broad Spectrum

Free of THC

High absorption

Money back Guarantee

Free shipping


Fab Cbd

FAB CBD could be a great choice for someone who wants to start with a low dose and gradually increase their dose based on the way their body responds. Their products are full-spectrum, meaning the entire plant is used, allowing for additional health benefits to emerge.

CBD oil dosages for anxiety in seniors varies greatly, so this might be a good product to start with as you can get a dose as low as 150 mg and work your way up accordingly. The same goes for CBD dosage for rheumatoid arthritis, among many other ailments seniors may struggle with.  They have an excellent record of positive customer reviews that show how trusted their product is.

FAB CBD puts so much care into the ways their hemp is grown and sourced. All of their plants are grown under the best imaginable conditions in the pristine mountains of Colorado, even though their offices are in Florida (writing this makes me want to take a vacation and breath that mountain air).

Their CBD is third party tested to ensure its purity, and the lab results are available upon request. FAB CBD is known for their excellent customer service, which means if their website is confusing or you have specific questions about using their product, feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of their experts. 

Price: $39-$129

Dosage: 300, 600, 1200 mg, 2400/1 ml

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30 ml


Multiple flavors: mint, vanilla, berry, and citrus, and natural

lab tested


Pesticide Free/ Non-GMO

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web prides themselves on their full-spectrum varieties of CBD oil that contain the entire plant. Within the full-spectrum oil can be found 80 different cannabinoids with a variety of health benefits that surpass what you would get from a broad-spectrum CBD oil.

This product is known to be especially effective because of what is called by scientists the entourage effect. This is a term for the synthesis of the various compounds in the oil that work together to create overall health benefits. Charlotte’s Web has a record of excellent reviews. Many seniors choose this brand to lesson or alleviate body and nerve pain, soothe anxiety, for general mood stabilization, and to support more restful sleep. 

Charlotte’s Web has many options as far as CBD oil drops go. Their offerings recognize that every body is different and therefore dosing is not one-size-fits-all. The pricing goes up for the more concentrated formulas, and there are four options available. You can start with a bottle that has 30ml or go with the much bigger 100ml. The original formula remains a high seller at 30mg per ml. Getting a few smaller bottles can be helpful if you are a beginner and trying to experiment with the strength that works best for you. Their hemp is also organic and sustainably sourced without GMOs. 

Price: $119.99 – $274.99

Size: 1 FL oz/ 30 ml – 100 ml

Multiple flavors: Orange Blossom, Lemon Twist, Mint Chocolate

Customizable dosage

Low and high doses available


Organic/ Non GMO



CBDistillery offers several products that are a little different than the top two on this list. Instead of being full-spectrum, their CBD oil drops are pure-isolate. This means there will not even be trace amounts of THC or other chemicals found in the plant beyond the CBD that you came for.

Many people fear THC might appear on a drug test, or want to ensure there is not even the slightest opportunity for a psychotropic impact, and this product fits the bill. There are several rave reviews about the incredible impact CBDistillery’s tinctures have had on the lives of their customers including reduction of back pain, nerve pain, chronic headaches and depression, as well as anxiety among many demographics, including seniors.

CBD for chronic pain has been known to make a big difference, and many CBDistillery customers have vowed that their products live up to that promise.  

One of the benefits of CBDistillery is they are committed to keeping their prices down and their quality high. A group of friends in Colorado came together who shared a vision in 2016 and created this company. Though they are not certified organic, they put a huge emphasis on the quality of their plants and the transparency of their products. They have several different product offerings to ensure there is something for everyone. 

Price: $75-$165

Dosage: A Variety of Doses 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg/1 ml

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30 ml

Broad Spectrum 

Pet safe tincture

Non-GMO Industrial Hemp

Third party tested

THC free

CBD Isolate

Plus CBD Oil

Plus CBD

Plus CBD oil drops were the first CBD products that I ever tried, and their brand has continued to be one of my favorites. They offer a solid oil that is full-spectrum and very streamlined in their manufacturing process. Their flavors make it easy to get the drops down on their own, or to combine them with a drink or put it on something you’re eating.

I have taken the drops for a variety of ailments including occasional anxiety that comes with public speaking or stressful holiday parties, though it is also a good product for everyday use to treat chronic anxiety and depression. Many have expressed benefits they have received from using their oil drops for body pain and even immune support. Their CBD oil has even been known to alleviate some of the side effects that come with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.  

Plus CBD Oil utilizes a cold process CO2 extraction that is not only easy on the environment, but also never heats the oil, so the benefits of the plant remain intact. Their company prides themselves on their manufacturing process that starts with the way the plants are grown and harvested. The next step is the lab testing and then extraction. Their products are not only available in drop form, but also spray, making it more accessible for those with limited mobility. 

Price: $32.99-$62.99

Dosage: 250mg-750mg, and 1500mg/ 1 ml 

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30 ml or 2 fl oz/ 60 ml

Multiple flavors: Peppermint or unflavored

3 Different concentrations

Total Plant Complex

Raw formula 

Concentrated Full-Spectrum