CBD Oils in Eastern Medicine

The use of the plant Cannabis Sativa was prevalent for thousands of years in ancient China, and it was incorporated into many different aspects of life. In fact, the ancient Chinese people were the first known group to grow and harvest the plant. As a result, the use of CBD oils in Eastern Medicine became commonplace.

CBD in Eastern Medicine

The Chinese people discovered that the cannabis plant could be used to create paper and cloth, or that it could be used as food. Modern archaeologists have discovered evidence of the plant being used in China for rope as far back as 10,000 BCE.

The cannabis plant was a vital part of Chinese life and, as its positive effects on the human body were observed, it became an important part of traditional Chinese medicine which is still being used worldwide.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Teachings

Traditional Chinese medicine evolved over thousands of years, and it teaches that the body is a smaller version of the much larger world and universe around it. The goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to help a person to bring harmony within the mind and body. This is achieved by creating a balance between yin and yang, which are contrasting forces.

A balance between these forces promotes a healthy body and life, while an imbalance is what causes diseases and other ailments. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that this balance is achieved through the use of acupuncture, tai chi and qi gong, therapeutic massage, and herbal medicines. Traditional Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture, has increased in popularity in the United States in recent years. It is seen as a natural alternative to traditional medicines.

Cannabis Sativa in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cannabis Sativa, the plant from which CBD oil is collected, is one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions that a person may be suffering. Each part of the plant can be used for different purposes. For example, the leaf is used to treat coughing, asthma, and parasites. Seeds from the cannabis plant can be used as laxatives. Traditional Chinese medicine has also used the cannabis plant as a pain relief, to calm nerves, to treat insomnia, and to provide relief from menstrual cramps.

Emperor Shen Neng, “Divine Farmer”

CBD in Eastern Medicine

The first written record of the cannabis plant being used as a medicine was recorded in “The Divine Farmer’s Herb Root Classic.” The book tells the legend of the “Divine Farmer,” Emperor Shen Neng.

This ancient Chinese record tells how Emperor Shen Neng, who was also known as the father of traditional Chinese medicine, taught his people to grow and use the cannabis plant in all areas of life. Shen Neng’s teachings and writings taught how the cannabis plant could be used for everything from cloth to medicine. According to legend, Shen Neng ruled China for over 140 years, and during this time wrote the book “The Herbal.” It is said that divine inspiration gave him the knowledge he presented in this book. “The Herbal” is still used by people who practice traditional Chinese medicine around the world today.

“Ma,” as the cannabis plant was called, had both male and female forms, yin and yang. The plant was originally used for creating fibers. As time went on, the seeds of the cannabis plant began to be used as food and eventually turned into an oil. The stems of the plant were used for fuel. Finally, the positive health effects the plant had were noted. Emperor Shen Nung believed that the cannabis plant could cure almost all ailments as long as it was used in the correct way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Textbooks

According to another Chinese legend, Emperor Fu Hsi, who was a founder of China’s Middle Kingdom, invented the Chinese character script during his reign from 2852-2738 BCE. The written language made the creation of medical textbooks possible and the ability to share medical knowledge could become more widespread throughout the country.

Emperor Fu Hsi taught his people about the concept of the opposing forces yin and yang, and the importance of maintaining balance between the two within the body. He believed that herbal medicine would help people to create that balance. He considered the cannabis plant to be yin, and believed it could be used to restore balance with yang. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the plant aids with a variety of ailments such as menstrual cramps, gout, and rheumatism by restoring balance between yin and yang.

CBD in Eastern Medicine

The multiple uses of the cannabis plant in traditional Chinese medicine continued to be observed throughout Chinese legends and history. It was discovered by Hua Tue, “The God of Surgery,” during the second century that the plant could even be used as an anesthetic. He mixed a power from the dried cannabis plant with wine and used the mixture as a local anesthetic. He also combined this mixture with acupuncture as a pain relief.

Medical Students and Cannabis Uses in Medicine

During the Tang Dynasty in 629 AD, China founded its first medical school. Medical students were trained in the many uses the cannabis plant had in the medical field. In 1644 AD, during the Manchu Dynasty, China began to have diplomatic ties and establish trade with western countries. The Chinese shared their medical knowledge, including the positive effects of cannabis, with the world.

Traditional Chinese medicine has survived and spread throughout the word for thousands of years, gaining popularity in the United States fairly recently. People who have searched for a more natural way to treat medical conditions have turned to different methods of traditional Chinese medicine, including tai chi and acupuncture. Other methods within traditional Chinese medicine continue to be rediscovered.

Modern Uses: CBD Oils and the Cannabis Plant

As people turn to the herbal medicines to treat their ailments they come across CBD oils and the cannabis plant. The positive effects of the plant that were documented by the ancient Chinese continue to be observed and experienced by people today. People who turn to traditional Chinese medicine as a way to naturally treat medical problems are beginning to appreciate the effectiveness of CBD oils from the cannabis plant.


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