Best CBD Oil for Sports in 2023

CBD Oil has two main benefits for athletes and people who participate in sports.

CBD Oil as Pain Relief for Muscles and Joints

The biggest reason an athlete will use CBD oil is for relief from muscle pain or joint soreness. As an example, CBD oil is becoming very popular in the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) community where muscle soreness or joint pain are common after a good hour of rolling.

Many athletes are turning to CBD oil as a natural source of pain relief. The preferred athletic form of CBD oil is CBD cream for topical application in the location of the pain.

CBD Oil to Lower Stress and Anxiety

Some athletes turn to CBD to train with a clearer mind, have lower stress and less anxiety and just to have a better feeling of overall well being. Feeling clear headed and motivated are important parts of the training process in sports.

Inflammation slows us down and feels uncomfortable. Sports injuries are often accompanied by inflammation. Whatever the cause, inflammation tends to hold us back. CBD Oil can be used to lower both chronic inflammation in the body (use vape or tincture) or local inflammation (use topical cream).

CBD Oil for Better Sleep

Sports performance has many variables but one of the biggest factors is sleep. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t train hard. The good news is that CBD oil has been show to help improve sleep and lessen insomnia. Sleeping deeply and waking refreshed is essential for athletes and yet it is more and more difficult in our hectic and digital lives that provide non stop stimulation.

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