The Best CBD Beer in 2023

There aren’t many CBD beers available yet, but when some crop up, others are bound to follow. Finding the best CBD beers that are available now will help you set the standard—and understand what you’re drinking—ahead of breweries becoming inundated with their own take.

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The Best CBD Beer

Two Flowers IPA

Two Flowers IPA
  • CBD per Pint: 5mg
  • THC per Pint: 0
  • Percent Alcohol: 6% ABV

Oregon is one of the most recognizably green-friendly states, and the Two Flowers IPA from Coalition Brewing Company is cashing in on their position. They saw the legalization of hemp as an opportunity for them to brew a new beer that continues to break down boundaries. 

The hops and hemp bring bitterness, while the terpenes in the CBD bring a touch of citrus.  It’s altogether “light, crisp, bitter, and refreshing”—and just as fragrant as its name suggests. 

Born in Portland, Oregon, there is a huge local pride that goes into this beer. It’s an amalgamation of the region’s hearty hemp production, blended by a brewing company that’s been very successful with past ventures. 

Why Have CBD in Beer?

Best CBD Beer

According to Newsweek, “One in seven Americans use it as an over-the-counter treatment for pain, anxiety and sleep problems. They have also turned to CBD for depression, muscle spasms, digestive issues, and skin ailments.”

For all the things CBD can help, it’s been given the chance to take on many forms of consumption. There are oils and tinctures, lotions, and a wide variety of edibles. From capsules to the recreational hard beverage, CBD as an ingredient has become seemingly unstoppable.

CBD offers a way to get a dose of calm collection, even in the face of booze. Some animal studies suggest that it could help block some of the potential damage brought on by overindulgence in alcohol, like liver damage and neurodegeneration

What Happens When You Drink CBD in Beer?

As much as booze might loosen you up, it’s still a downer. Drinking too much beer (or any alcohol, for that matter!) can cause serious sedation that drags you to bed, or throws you on the ground into a soundless sleep.

CBD touts some of the same effects, though framed in a more beneficial way. CBD doesn’t have the same addictive and dangerous effects that alcohol does. Instead, CBD is likely to cause a similar type of sleepy sedation. Worst-case scenario, too much CBD can elicit nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, or dizziness.

Is CBD Effective in Beer?

CBD Beers

Adding CBD to beer has different outcomes depending on the brewery. While some brewers (like Coalition Brewing Co.) like to use the fragrant and flavorful terpenes of the hemp plant, others (like Dads and Dudes Breweria) opt for CBD for its antioxidant and neuro-protectant properties.

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Will the Benefits of CBD Be Canceled Out by the Detriments of Alcohol?

There’s research that suggests CBD is most beneficial and bioavailable when it’s taken with fat. Given there is no fat in beer, it may not get the proper transport to the cells it’s intended to attach to. But according to CBD beer drinkers, the CBD does produce an effect.

We’re still learning and wading our way through determining all the effects of CBD-infused beer, but even the big boys are starting to get into the action—both Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors are experimenting with their own cannabeers.

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