The 9 Best CBD Flower Products in 2023

CBD Flower Products

CBD is available in a variety of convenient delivery methods such as soft gel capsules, beverage powder mixes, vape juice, and lots of other examples; but for some people, the whole CBD flower just can’t be beaten.

There are a couple of different ways you can prepare a whole CBD flower to introduce it into your system. Many people choose to smoke their CBD flower like they would regular marijuana or tobacco. Others choose to infuse it in oil for aromatherapy or to infuse it into a cup of hot water to make tea out of it, or to extract the CBD oil themselves.

The two most popular delivery methods are to smoke it or to make tea out of it, whereas the last option that we mentioned (extracting CBD oil from it) requires a lot of knowledge and specialized equipment that the average CBD user is unlikely to have already, and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Due to this, we will simply be going over and outlining the two most popular delivery methods in the following sections.

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Top 9 Best CBD Flower Products

Green Monkey Farms CBD

The Green Monkey Farms CBD company is always striving to provide its customers with some of the highest quality CBD products available on the consumer market today.

The CBD products that they manufacture (which includes CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD vape juices, CBD pet care products, and both whole and pre-rolled CBD flowers) use CBD that was expertly extracted from 100% Certified Organic and locally sourced industrial hemp that was grown on cruelty-free farms that always employ sustainable farming practices.

Their CBD products each undergo stringent third-party laboratory testing to ensure the efficacy, purity, and overall phytocannabinoid make-up. This third-party laboratory testing ensures that each CBD product that Green Monkey Farms manufactures and sells strictly adheres to Federal and State guidelines and that each of their CBD products is up to Green Monkey Farms high standards.

Green Monkey Farms’ CBD products are each completely free of all pesticides and other harmful and unwanted chemicals, and the overall THC content percentage is less than 0.3% by volume, such as mandated by Federal law under The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which means their customers don’t have to worry about feeling any of the psychoactive properties of THC and they don’t have to worry about the legality of buying, using, or being in possession of any of Green Monkey Farms’ various CBD products.

The CBD flower strain from Green Monkey Farms that we would most recommend is their Lifter strain, which is available in a 3.5 g container. The Lifter strain is one of the most highly sought after strains because of its high CBD content, and because it provides a smooth dank taste with a burst of lemon flavor.

Lifter is a relaxing strain that is great for day or night use and is an excellent strain for alleviating general body aches and pains. Other strains that are available in Green Monkey Farms’ 3.5 g containers are their Electra, Special Sauce, and Hawaiian Haze strains. Additionally, Green Monkey Farms offers Electra, Special Sauce, and Sour Space Candy in a 1 g container and Electra, Special Sauce, Hawaiian Haze, Melon Berry, and Sour Space Candy strains in a 7 g container.

You can additionally buy pre-rolled flower in Electra, Special Sauce, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and Lifter. Finally, they offer a premium hand-crafted rolled 1 g CBD blunt that is rolled in a King Palm Leaf for a slow and smooth burn.

  • Product Types: CBD Oil, Gummies, CBD Flower and Pre-Roll, CBD Vape Juice, and CBD Pet Care Products
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Lifter

Plain Jane Hemp

Plain Jane Hemp

Located in Southern Oregon, and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Plain Jane Hemp sources all of their industrial hemp from American farms that are 100% Certified Organic and which use only sustainable and morally and ecologically conscious farming practices in their cultivation of the potent and phytocannabinoid-dense industrial hemp cultivars.

Plain Jane Hemp claims that they are the original creators of the CBD market’s first low smell CBD cigarette, and they have continued innovating and experimenting ever since then in order to provide their customers (having served more than 75,000 happy CBD users to date) with some of the best and cutting-edge CBD products possible.

They were able to remove the traditional trademark cannabis smells using a proprietary water curing process in order to create their low smell CBD cigarette, meaning the familiar cigarette taste and mouthfeel of the smoke comes from the cigarette paper, while the CBD cigarettes actually contain no tobacco and there are zero nicotine additives present.

In addition to their low-smell CBD cigarette, Plain Jane Hemp is also probably best known for its selection of potent and flavorful CBD flowers, of which they have an impressive 20 different strains available, represented by outdoor, greenhouse and indoor flowers.

The industrial hemp that Plain Jane Hemp uses to extract their CBD all comes from one of only 15 farms (most of which are located in the southern Oregon area where Plain Jane Hemp is headquartered), which means Plain Jane Hemp has a greater amount of control over the quality of their products from cultivation to final shipping to their customers.

In addition to being very mindful of the quality of their CBD products and the low impact farming practices that produce the industrial hemp that they use, Plain Jane Hemp is also very philanthropic. They provide their customers with a permanent 20% discount on their orders if they have

1) served in a branch of the United States Armed Forces (Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, National Guard, or any of the Reserves),

2) if they have a permanent disability, or:

3) if they have suffered from Cannabis prohibition. The end result of this is that their already affordable high-quality CBD products will be less likely to be out of the budget of their customers that tend to need affordable access to CBD products the most.

The CBD flower strain available from Plain Jane Hemp that we would recommend to our readers would have to be their strain of Sour Space Candy. This particular strain is available in a variety of sizes and purchase options: 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams, 56 grams, 224 grams, and 454 grams (1 pound).

The 3.5 grams and the 7 grams sizes can both be bought either loose or with a quality glass container jar, with their other size options only being available for purchase as loose flower. The marijuana strain of Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant cross between the strains Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. These parent strains give Sour Space Candy a distinct flavor with pungent notes of citrus and of tropical fruits, which is then followed by pleasing and mellow earthy tones. Sour Space Candy provides smokers with an uplifting and euphoric high.

This CBD flower strain provides the same experience, minus the THC content, making Plain Jane Hemp’s Sour Space Candy CBD flower an excellent choice for those that are seeking a tropical-tasting flower that is good for providing a more euphoric and happy feel in addition to the other hallmark beneficial properties that CBD use provides.

  • Product Types: CBD Whole and Pre-Rolled Flower, CBD Oils, CBD Kief, Full-Spectrum Shatter, CBD Distillate, and CBD Salve
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Sour Space Candy

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms is Northwest Oregon’s premier industrial hemp farm that is family owned and operated. Tweedle Farms specializes in growing, manufacturing and selling farm-to-table, terpene-rich, CBD hemp flowers that are particularly CBD-dense and are used to make some of the highest quality CBD products that are currently available on the market.

The industrial hemp that Tweedle Farms extracts their CBD from has ever been exposed to any kind of pesticide, chemical sprays, or synthetic fertilizers, which provides their customers with a strong peace-of-mind when it comes to what they are introducing into their bodies routinely or even just occasionally.

Tweedle Farms offers a variety of different CBD-rich products, including their selection of CBD edibles, topicals, tinctures, concentrates and the (in our opinion) stars of their online store: their CBD flowers, which are available in whole flowers, pre-roll, flower shake, and flower trimmings. In addition to their CBD products, Tweedle Farms also has a selection of high-quality branded merchandise for their customers that want to help and spread the word about the potent and phytocannabinoid-rich products that they offer. The merchandise that is available includes clothing (shirts and hoodies), enamel pins, stickers, rolling papers, beverage koozies, and a grinder.

The CBD flower strain that we recommend the most would definitely be their Hawaiian Haze strain. This strain is an outdoor grown strain that is available in the following product sizes: 1 gram, ⅛ ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce, and 1 ounce. The parental genetics of the marijuana strain of Hawaiian Haze is Hawaiian and Haze, both of which are Sativa-dominant strains. This particular CBD flower strain contains 17.56% CBD & guaranteed less than .04% THC by volume, ensuring that not only is it potent but it is completely compliant with Federal law.

This CBD flower is an excellent choice for our readers that are looking for a relaxing CBD flower strain that has a pleasing floral scent and features strong notes of tropical fruits.

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  • Product Types: CBD Edibles, CBD Flower (Whole, Pre-Roll, Shake, and Trims), Concentrates, CBD Topicals, Tinctures, and Branded Merchandise
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Hawaiin Haze

CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, CBD Hemp Direct is a multi-state licensed industrial hemp grower and handler that manufactures a variety of different CBD-rich products, such as concentrates, tinctures, edibles, CBD vape juices, and CBD flowers, among others.

Each of CBD Hemp Direct’s various CBD products are guaranteed to contain less than <0.3% total detectable THC by overall volume, ensuring that each of their products are in compliance with The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which is the Federal bill that was signed into law allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp and the manufacturing of CBD products that are derived from industrial hemp-extracted phytocannabinoid oils.

This is also in compliance with the USDA interim rules for THC testing of industrial hemp extracts and industrial hemp-derived products. CBD Hemp Direct is also required to be pursuant to Nevada code NRS 557, which mandates that they maintain accurate Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) for each of their CBD products. Because of this statute, all of the industrial hemp cultivars that CBD Hemp Direct uses must undergo complete full panel tests by a third-party laboratory to check for:

  • the potency of the product,
  • the terpenes content,
  • presence of microbes,
  • moisture content,
  • the presence of pesticides and heavy metals,
  • the presence of mycotoxins,
  • and the presence of any other harmful or otherwise unwanted trace foreign objects or chemicals.

All of these statutes and laws that must be followed have a particular end result: CBD Hemp Direct’s CBD products are among some of the most potent, safe, pure, and quality CBD products that currently available legally.

Looking past the (decidedly high-quality and worthwhile) CBD concentrates, tinctures, edibles, and CBD vape juices, we can see what is arguably CBD Hemp Direct’s real passion when it comes to CBD products: their CBD flower and flower-derivative products.

This includes whole CBD flower, CBD flower pre-roll, CBD Kief Nugs, CBD small buds, CBD flower trimmings, their Farmer’s Batch (which is a large 120 gram / ¼ pound package of CBD small buds and trimmings), and their CBD “Moon Rocks” (which are CBD flowers that are dipped into CBD hash oil and is then rolled in CBD Kief). Their CBD flower selection is varied, and each strain was grown and packaged with the utmost care and respect for both the product itself and for its customers.

CBD Hemp Direct has 14 different CBD flower strains to choose from (Honolulu Haze #2, Paradise OG, Acapulco Gold, Hemp World Haze, Sunset Road Sherbert #2, Casino Cookies #2, Juicy Fruit #2, Girl Scout Cookies, Vegas Lights #2, Trap Star, Charlotte’s Sauce #2, Tangie, Trophy Wife, and Durban Potion #2), but it’s their Juicy Fruit #2 in particular that we most highly recommend out of their offerings.

The original marijuana strain of Juicy Fruit (also known as Fruity Juice) is crossed with pure Afghani Indica and pure Thai Sativa. Juicy Fruit is described as having a scent ranging from tangy to sticky and sweet, with many users likening it to the smell of fruit punch and lemons, or to a blend of piña colada with the scent of plums. Its taste is often described as being a blend of tropical fruits with notes of lemon zest. Juicy Fruit #2 provides smokers with a comparable experience, minus the THC content of the original.

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  • Product Types: CBD Concentrates, CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, CBD Vape Juices, CBD Flower, CBG Flower, CBD Kief, CBD Hash, CBD Blunts, CBD Joints, CBD Cigars, and Branded Merchandise
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Juicy Fruit #2

Cascadia Blooms

Cascadia Electra

Headquartered in Medford, Oregon, Cascadia Blooms is a small farm that is run and operated in southern Oregon by a small, close-knit group comprised of family and friends. This CBD company was started by co-founders Rich and Kevin through their combined desires to provide to people the healing benefits that CBD use can provide, and educate them about how CBD can have a positive impact on their lives and their overall health.

Cascadia Blooms’ hemp is compliant with the most stringent licensing and testing policies that are present in the United States. Cascadia Blooms grows 100% Certified Organic (which means no pesticides, GMOs, or other contaminants) industrial hemp, which is never processed with chemicals.

This means their CBD-rich products will never have trace amounts of pesticides, heavy metals, or other contaminants. Additionally, the industrial hemp that they cultivate and process is genetically modified organism free (GMO-free). All of the industrial hemp seeds that are cultivated on their farm are planted by hand, carefully watered with clean water, and are carefully tended to while they grow in the economic heart of southern Oregon in the Rogue Valley, near the California state line.

Cascadia Blooms only carries CBD flowers, but they have a comparatively sizeable selection of CBD flower strains to choose from Elektra, Kush Hemp, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Super Haze, Lifter, Pineberry, and Special Sauce. Aside from Hawaiian Haze (which is a pure Sativa strain) and Pineberry (which is a pure Indica strain), each of the other six available CBD flower strains is Sativa-dominant Sativa / Indica hybrids.

Each of their flower strains is available in a ½ ounce bag of flower tops. Each of these CBD flower products is terpenes-rich and CBD-dense and are among the highest quality CBD whole flower tops that are legally currently available on the market today. Each product is guaranteed to contain 0.3% or less of THC total by volume, ensuring that each CBD product is compliant with The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, a Federal law pertaining to the cultivation, processing, selling, and distribution of industrial hemp in the United States.

Elektra is the CBD flower strain from Cascadia Blooms that we would recommend to our readers out of their selection of 8 different CBD flower strains. Elektra is a Sativa / Indica hybrid, and is Sativa-dominant, meaning it provides the effects of both Sativa and Indica, but users will feel more euphoric and less stressed out (which are the hallmark effects of Sativa).

The original marijuana strain of Elektra is a potent cross between the famous marijuana strain known as ACDC and with the strain known as Early Resin Berry. Elektra is known for its stress-relieving and mellow mood-inducing effects, which generally provide the user with more restful and deeper sleep.

ACDC is a highly sought after strain due to having a high oil content and for being terpenes-rich and has a distinct sweet and earthy taste. ACDC is a Sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain Cannatonic and it features a remarkably high CBD to THC ratio, making it an excellent choice for pain relief and for reducing swelling. Early Resin Berry also has a strong terpene profile and features a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell. This particular CBD flower top product contains a total CBD content of at least 14.8% by volume, and because of its parentage, it has a sweet taste with earthy undertones and a sweet citrus smell with hints of berries.

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  • Product Types: CBD Flowers
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Elektra



Founded in 2017 by a group of cannabis use advocates and holistic health practitioners, SECRET NATURE was created with the goal of providing as many people as possible with affordable but high-quality CBD-rich products.

SECRET NATURE takes advantage of the unique blend of knowledge that the company’s employees bring to the table, including their experiences in the California, Oregon, and Colorado cannabis industries, which are all radically different from each other.

SECRET NATURE’s core corporate philosophy, customer service experience, and high-quality CBD products are all end results of this unique blending of knowledge and experience which was leveraged and applied to the CBD and hemp manufacturing and distribution industries.

Each of SECRET NATURE’s various CBD products are all 100% Certified Organic, and the CBD that is used as the core ingredient in each of these products is derived from locally sourced industrial hemp that was planted, grown, and harvested using sustainable and cruelty-free farming practices, meaning the agricultural aspect of SECRET NATURE’s company has the smallest possible footprint on the environment and the least negative impact on the community’s surrounding and most impacted by the farms.

Each CBD-rich product that is available to SECRET NATURE’s customers undergoes very strict third-party laboratory testing to test for things such as the extract’s purity, potency, phytocannabinoid makeup, and for the presence of any other unwanted foreign substance, thus ensuring that customers of SECRET NATURE can rest easy having the knowledge that the CBD product(s) that they get from this company is good for the body, mind, and for Mother Nature.

The product lines that are offered by SECRET NATURE include their line of CBD vape juices, their CBD tinctures, their branded merchandise (such as a SECRET NATURE logo t-shirt, a custom airtight travel rolling tray made by Lift Tickets, and a battery plus charger designed for 700 mg and 1200 mg vape cartridges), and their CBD flower products, which is the product line that we reviewed for this Top 10 ranking.

The CBD flower strain from SECRET NATURE that we enjoyed the most was their strain of Secret OG. Secret OG is a 17.2% CBD / 19.4% Total Cannabinoids flower strain which is an Indica strain and which features a creamy and earthy flavor profile.

This particular CBD flower strain was our personal favorite out of the 13 total CBD flower strains that they have for sale (the other 12 CBD flower strains that are available are: Sweet Cake, Cherry Cough, Cobbler #5, Mr. Rainbow, Papaya Nights, Frosted Kush, Citron, Diesel Puff, Sour Gummi (16% CBD, 18.1% Total Cannabinoids), Sour Gummi (18.9% CBD, 19.7% Total Cannabinoids), FUJI, and Dough Boy).

In addition to these 13 CBD flower strains, SECRET NATURE has a CBG Flower available with 15.4% CBG and 15.9% Total Cannabinoids. Their flower products are all available in either a 3.6 gram (⅛ ounce) size, in a 14 gram (½ ounce) size, or in a 28 gram (1 ounce) size, which makes it convenient to get as much CBD flower that you need or want, without getting way too much for your particular smoking habits.

Each of their CBD flower products contain only 100% hand-trimmed buds, are 100% organic, are 100% non-GMO, are hermetically sealed in a scent-proof bag in order to maintain freshness, and have undergone intense and thorough laboratory testing for purity and for a complete chemical profile which is carried out by an unbiased third-party laboratory.

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  • Product Types: CBD Vape Juice, CBD Flowers (Whole and Pre-Roll), CBD Tinctures, and Branded Merchandise
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Secret OG

Starseed Botanicals

 Starseed Botanicals

Starseed Botanicals is a proud supplier of artisanal CBD flower products and other very high-quality CBD-derived products, including CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBD/CBG Pollen, hemp oil soft gel capsules, and beauty/skincare products such as a CBD soap and a CBD balm which contains nothing more than hemp flower, 100% Certified Organic coconut oil, 100% Certified Organic Beeswax (which was collected in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner), and Menthol, which is the fourth and final ingredient.

By looking at Starseed Botanical’s product lines, reading their customer reviews, and by reading the information about the company that is available on their website, it’s obviously clear that they care about providing their customers with nothing but the best; the best products possible, the best customer service that can be provided, one of the best selections of CBD flower strains.

As well as some of the best discounts for members of one of the branches of the United States Military (which includes Active Duty, Veterans, and Dependents), first responders (Police, Fire Department, EMT), students (after providing an eligible e-mail address), and for teachers (Pre-K, K-12 and University / College Professors).

Starseed Botanicals has 13 CBD flower strains available for purchase, and five different specialty CBD flower purchase options. The 13 available CBD flower strains are Q-17, BlueBerry Sky, GalactiC-Punch (16.78% CBDa content), Sour Space Candy, Sour Space Candy Private Reserve (18.59.% CBDa content), CBDiesel, Heavy Lifter, Lifter Private Reserve (18.2% CBDa content), Shiva’s Suver Haze, Cosmic Cherry, Electra Buddha: Private Reserve, Krishna’s Special Sauce, and PineBerry.

The four specialty options are Small Popcorn Buds (which is a 28-gram pack of small pieces/bud trimmings of their Sour Space Candy strain), 52.95% CBD Caviar “Moon Rock” (made with nuggets of their Sour Space Candy Private Reserve flower strain; each nugget is dipped in their CBD distillate oil and is finished by sprinkling the nugget with a layer of their Sour Space Candy Pollen), Quarter Pounders (which is a ¼ pound bag of either Sour Space Candy, GalactiC-Punch, or Lifter Private Reserve), a “Starseed Sack” (which includes 28.2 Grams Shake Blend infusion of one of these strains Sour Space Candy / Shiva’s Suver Haze / PineBerry / or Heavy Lifter, one Artisan Palm Leaf CBD Blunt made with Lifter Private Reserve and 5 CBD capsules), and finally the Wholesale Sample Package product (which includes wholesale amounts of each available CBD flower strain pending the company’s prior approval).

The CBD flower strain that we like the best out of the 13 available flower strains was definitely their BlueBerry Sky strain. BlueBerry Sky is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that provides the user with a relaxing experience, often causing them to achieve mental and physical relaxation. This is a great strain for night-time use, allowing the user to get an overall more restful night of sleep.

BlueBerry Sky is the combination of the well-known strains Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream, both of which are very popular for their respective sweet tastes. BlueBerry Sky—due to its genetic parentage—has a distinctive sweet flavor which is marked by both blueberry and decadent dessert-like notes, along with having earthy tasting undertones. Additionally, the BlueBerry Sky hemp flower strain has a noticeable blueberry aroma, with very faint hints of a skunky-smelling undertone.

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  • Product Types: CBD Flowers (Whole and Pre-Roll), CBD Extracts, CBD Oils, Isolates, Distillates, CBD/CBG Pollen, CBD Balm, CBD Soap, Non-CBD Botanicals, and Accessories
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: BlueBerry Sky

Canna Comforts

Canna Comforts

One of Canna Comforts’ founders battled cancer and while going through this life-altering and often frightening experience, he found that cannabidiol (CBD) which was extracted from an industrial hemp source was the best solution (both in terms of its overall efficacy and in terms of how healthy and natural CBD is) to help him get him through the struggles of chemotherapy and to help him get back to living a normal life without needing to go through his daily activities under the influence of a high-inducing substance, such as THC or opioids.

It was through the discovery of CBD’s numerous beneficial effects which helped him to return to being able to actually live his life as opposed to just surviving his life that served as the basis for Canna Comfort and Canna Comforts’ corporate philosophy.

Their philosophy and main goal is to provide those that are in need with an affordable, effective, and all-natural alternative to prescription drugs. One that was good for the mind and the body, and which could elicit an emotional outlook on life and life experiences that was overall healthier and more positive and hopeful. Additionally, they are always striving to educate communities on how CBD can really help people to get a large boost to their overall quality of life by treating or mitigating one (or more) symptom(s) and illness(es) that can really disrupt one’s life.

Canna Comforts first started and is headquartered in Colorado, but it has since expanded to Wisconsin, Illinois, and New Mexico. They currently grow their industrial hemp in all four states, taking advantage of each state’s unique and fertile agricultural areas. The plant strain genetics that they use for their crops come specifically from Colorado-, Oregon-, and California-grown cultivars.

Canna Comforts offers to their customers a selection of hand-harvested, whole plant cured, machine- and hand-trimmed industrial hemp CBD flowers.

They currently have 12 different CBD flower strains for their customers to choose from: Cali Gas, Super Haze, Russian Automatic (RNA), Elektra, CB Dawg, Siskiyou Gold, Lifter, Trophy Wife, Sour Space Candy, El Jefe, Cherry Ultra, and Imperial Haze. Additionally, customers can choose to purchase: Elektra CBD Kief powder, 1 pack Palm Wrap Hemp Roll (Trophy Wife), 1 pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower (Elektra, Lifter, Russian Automatic (RNA), Super Haze, Cherry Ultra, or Sour Space Candy), 6 pack Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower (Elektra, Lifter, Russian Automatic (RNA), Super Haze, Cherry Ultra, or Sour Space Candy), or Lifter Shake (which is available in either a 28.3 grams / 1 oz package, a 56.7 grams / 2 oz package, a 113.3 grams / ¼ pound package, or a 453.5 / 1 pound package).

Each of the regular packs of CBD flower buds is available in either a 1 gram pack, a 3.5 gram / ⅛ ounce pack, a 7 gram / ¼ ounce pack, or a 28.3 gram / 1 ounce pack.

We ultimately decided that Canna Comforts’ Imperial Haze was our favorite CBD flower strain out of the 12 strains they have for sale. This strain has a total cannabinoid content of 23.09% by volume and contains ≃0.12% of THC in total by volume. This is an Indica-dominant Indica / Sativa hybrid strain, which means it is excellent for relaxing, in both mind and body. Most Indica users recommend using an Indica-dominant hybrid strain or a pure Indica strain at night-time a few hours before your regular bedtime, as it will help ease you into sleep and you will be able to obtain an overall better night’s sleep.

Imperial Haze has distinct aromatic notes that are fruity and earthy, and it has a flavor profile to match. This particular CBD flower strain is really dense in both β-Myrcene (Beta Myrcene) and α-Pinene (Alpha Pinene). β-Myrcene is a terpene that most often occurs in highly fragrant fruits and herbs, such as mangoes, thyme, lemongrass, and basil. β-Myrcene contributes to these fruits’ and herbs’ overall aroma and is thought to help accentuate the flavor of hemp strains that are rich in it. α-Pinene is a terpene that is also very aromatic and is found in large quantities in pine trees, orange peels, rosemary, and basil, among others. α-Pinene is thought to have some level of anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief properties, and anti-anxiety properties, but these theories are still undergoing research.

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  • Product Types: CBD Flower, CBD Oils, CBD Soft Gel Capsules, Concentrates, Edibles, Health and Beauty Products, CBD Pet Care Products, and Accessories
  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Magic Bullet

Black Tie CBD

Black Tie CBD

Black Tie CBD is headquartered in Oregon and they produce their 100% organically grown hemp in the State of Oregon’s important Umpqua River Valley. Black Tie CBD grows the 100% Certified Organic industrial hemp that they use to make their CBD products in what is known as the Umpqua River Valley.

The namesake of the Valley—the Umpqua River—is a river that is approximately 111 miles (179 km) long, and is one of the principal rivers of the Oregon Coast. The Umpqua River flows northwest through the Oregon Coast Range, where it eventually empties into the Pacific Ocean at Winchester Bay, in Douglas County (the river and all of its many tributaries actually flow entirely within this county).

This nutrient-rich river is very important to a wide variety of different species of animals (the Umpqua National Forest alone is home to 18 fish species, 66 mammal species, 236 bird species, and 27 reptile and amphibian species) and it manages to be so rich in nutrients due to the fact that it drains an expansive network of valleys in the mountains west of the Cascade Range and south of the Willamette Valley. By growing their 100% Certified Organic industrial hemp within the Umpqua River Valley, Black Tie CBD is in a position to utilize the fertile and lush agriculture land within the Valley in order to cultivate some of the healthiest and potent industrial hemp on the market today.

Black Tie CBD has a selection of 22 different CBD flower strains and 2 CBG flower strains for their customers to choose from. The CBD flower strains that are available are Amnesia Haze, Apple Strüdel, Bleu Cheese, BlueBerry Pie, BUBBA #10, BubbleGum, BubbleGum Special Reserve, Candyland, Chem Dawg, Cherry Soda, Fruit Punch, Jack, Jack (*InDoor*), Key Lime Pie, Mothership, OG Kush, Orange Cookies, Purple Haze, Skittlez, StrawBerry Gelato, Super Haze, and Zweet Tarts. The two CBG flower strains that Black Tie CBD sell are there Lemon Cream Diesel strain and their OJ strain.

Each CBD and CBG flower strain is available in four different size options, which are: 1 gram, 3.5 grams, 7 grams, or 1 ounce (which contains an ounce of mini buds as opposed to regular size flower buds).

Additionally, each of these products undergoes rigorous third-party laboratory testing to ensure purity, potency, and to find out what the overall chemical makeup is. The test results from these batch tests can be found on each product’s page in the product’s Description section, making it incredibly easy to check and make sure you’re getting what you want to be getting in terms of quality and efficacy.

Black Tie CBD’s Apple Strüdel CBD flower strain is our favorite out of each of their 22 CBD flower strains, all of which are very high-quality flower buds. The Apple Strüdel strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and its parent strains are Green Crack and Jack Herer. Because it is a Sativa-dominant strain, Apple Strüdel is a high-energy CBD flower which will evoke feelings of euphoria and general happiness, without making you feel tired. This strain has strong aromatic and flavor notes of green apple and vanilla, and there are subtle earthy undertones in both the scent and the taste.

Many of Apple Strüdel’s fans report that they can also smell hops, orange zest, pine, lavender, and even cinnamon. This particular strain is rich in terpenes, with β-Myrcene (Beta Myrcene), α-Pinene (Alpha Pinene), δ-Nerolidol (Delta Nerolidol, also known as Peruviol and Penetrol) being the three primary terpenes. Black Tie CBD’s Apple Strüdel contains 19.00% of CBD total by volume and a total of 22.45% of all cannabinoids by volume. This CBD strain contains ≃0.08% THC in total by volume, ensuring that it is more than being compliant with the Federally passed Hemp Farming Act of 2018 which requires there ≤0.3% total THC by volume present in an industrial hemp-derived product for it to be legal in the American commercial markets.

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  • Our Recommended CBD Flower Strain: Apple Strüdel

CBD Flower Tea Infusions

CBD Flower Tea Products

You can make CBD tea using CBD flower buds much the same way that you would make a tea using regular loose tea leaves. Breaking your CBD flower up and using a tea infuser to steep your cup of tea is probably the fastest way to make a cup of CBD flower-infused tea.

Many people, however, prefer to brew a regular cup of tea and then steep the CBD flower in the tea infuser for just a few minutes, in order to enhance the regular tea and to still provide you with a dose of CBD. Additionally, you can blend your CBD flower up with milk, butter (or melted coconut oil), and vanilla extract (all ingredients added to taste).

After you have blended these ingredients together, let them sit for about an hour at room temperature. While they are sitting, you can brew a cup of tea using an infuser full of tea leaves / a teabag of your choice (Chai tea is our personal favorite for this). After the CBD mixture has sat for long enough, you can introduce them into a medium saucepan along with the tea that you made using your loose tea leaves or your teabag. You should then cook this on medium-low heat for around 20 minutes (or until everything is properly incorporated and the tea is sufficiently hot for your tastes. Note: do not let the tea come to a boil). Finally, you can pour this into a mug large enough to hold it all and you can add any additive to taste, such as sugar, cinnamon, honey, etc.

There are many detailed step-by-step recipes that are available online, the key is just finding one that you like and that works for your lifestyle and schedule. It can also be fun to experiment around and to try new recipes or flavor profiles.

Smoking CBD Flower

CBD smoking Flower Products

Inhalation of CBD smoke is a quick-acting delivery method due to how your body reacts to the smoke. The CBD smoke enters your bloodstream within a mere 10 seconds after inhalation because it permeates into the skin and mucosal linings of your lips, nose, mouth and in the lungs.

Because it takes such a short amount of time for the CBD and other phytocannabinoids to enter your bloodstream, you will start to feel the effects of CBD sooner because your body is already busy processing it in such a very short period of time after first introducing it into your system.

After the CBD is introduced into your bloodstream through your skin and your mucosal linings, it travels to your brain where it is distributed throughout your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), where it is properly utilized.

CBD smoking Flower Products

Both of these delivery methods of CBD have their own pros and cons which need to be weighed against what you are expecting from your CBD product and how the product’s requirements fit into your routine.

As an example, those that are suffering from acute pain or inflammation might get more relief from smoking their CBD flower, whereas users that are suffering from digestion problems or are struggling with anxiety issues might be better off sticking with a CBD leaf-infused tea.

For many CBD users, smoking CBD flower buds are closer to what they are used to if they were previously—or are currently—marijuana and / or nicotine users; this causes an end result where smoking CBD leaf is a more familiar delivery method for them and they might be more comfortable getting their CBD intake this way than they would be taking CBD soft gels or getting their CBD %values from beverage mixers, whereas users that are struggling with insomnia or other sleep issues would probably find more relief from the tea.

Each delivery method has its own pros and cons, and each has situations where they might be the better choice over the other. It all just depends on the individual user and what their needs are.

Despite the cons that each intake method might have, smoking CBD flower or making a tea infusion from your CBD flower are still the two delivery methods that most people choose when they decide to start buying CBD flowers, and they are the two delivery methods that we most highly suggest be used, particularly for our readers that are new to whole CBD flower or pre-roll CBD flower as a delivery method for their CBD and are just trying to find a good place to start.

The Basics of ECS, and an Overview of the “Entourage Effect”

Entourage Effect

Having a basic working understanding of your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and of what is known as the “Entourage Effect” might help you to decide which delivery method for CBD flower might be best for you because both the ECS and the Entourage Effect will have an impact on how quickly the CBD starts working in your body and how potent the effect is when it does start working.

Both the potency and the time it takes to start feeling the effects of the CBD will depend on the delivery method that you have chosen. Smoking the CBD leaf will start to work faster and will likely provide you with more potent feeling effects because of how the CBD will enter your bloodstream and be introduced to your brain and your nervous system.

On the other hand, a tea made from the infusion of CBD flower will take longer to start affecting you, and when it does start to affect you, it might not feel as strong as smoking the CBD flower would have felt, but the beneficial effects of CBD (such as) will be longer-lasting as the tea will first have to travel the entirety of your digestive system down to your small intestine, which is where the majority of what you eat and drink gets absorbed into your system.

This means that the CBD has had to travel from your throat (esophagus) to your stomach and then into your large intestine before it ever even makes it to your small intestine. Your body will be absorbing small amounts of the CBD that you have introduced into your system immediately after it enters your mouth, but it will be an extended-release as your body will not have access to all of the CBD that you introduced into your body basically all at once, like it does when you inhale the CBD flower smoke.

Entourage Effect

The biological system in your body that utilizes CBD is called the Endocannabinoid System, and it plays an important role in a number of bodily functions while fulfilling its main role of maintaining bodily homeostasis (bodily harmony in response to changes to the body’s environment internally and externally), such as being responsible for various immune system responses, controlling the appetite, pain-sensation processes, mood, and memory.

All of these (and more) in addition to being in control of mediating the pharmacological effects of cannabis, cannabinoids, and phytocannabinoids in the body.

Entourage Effect

The main phytocannabinoids that the medical community understands the most, and phytocannabinoids that are most commonly known by the general popular, are tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9 THC / Delta-9 THC / most commonly known simply as THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), along with compounds that are not nearly as well known (but are still very important, with many others possibly being important) such as cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabicyclol (CBL).

Aside from the phytocannabinoids that we have already listed, there are a further 100 others that have been identified to date; many of which are the subjects of ongoing scientific and medical research into possible beneficial effects or uses that they might have.

The more than 110 identified phytocannabinoids all work together to provide the end-user with what is known by CBD industry leaders and medical researchers as the “Entourage Effect.” This is due to how each phytocannabinoid works independently to boost the overall efficacy of each of the other present phytocannabinoids, leading to a more potent sum-of-its-parts than what would otherwise be provided by the CBD product.

Understanding and utilizing the Entourage Effect is an important part of taking a CBD product because feeling the entirety of the effect that can be provided by a CBD product ensures that not only are you getting your money’s worth but that you are also able to receive the full extent of the numerous positive effects that regular CBD use can provide. In addition to being aware of the Entourage Effect, it is also important to understand how each delivery method of CBD has an impact on how quickly the effects will start to be felt, the overall potency of the CBD product, and the way your body reacts to each delivery method.

Regardless of why you might prefer to smoke CBD flower or why you might prefer to drink a cup of tea made from an infusion of your favorite CBD flower strain, we have chosen our Top 10 favorite CBD flower strain picks in order to hopefully help you to find a CBD flower strain from a reputable and respected CBD manufacturer that might work best for you and your unique needs, or that appeals more to your specific tastes.

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