CBD Oil Drops for Animals

CBD Pet Drops for animals

One of the ways that you can administer CBD oil to your pets is through drops. CBD oil drops come in a variety of different dosages and formulations based on symptoms that your pet may be experiencing. CBD oil is a great way to help your pets with a range of health issues or just to help promote their health and wellbeing. You can read about some of the great CBD products for dogs here: Top 10 Best CBD Oil For Dogs. CBD is safe and effective for pets and drops are one of a few ways you can incorporate it into their daily life.

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How Do CBD Oil Drops Work For Animals?

Animals have endocannabinoid systems as part of their central nervous system just like we do. When you give your pets CBD drops, it will enter their stomach and slowly start to digest, which causes it to enter their bloodstream. The cannabidiol will then interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in their brains, just like in our bodies, and they will start to receive the benefits. CBD helps our pets in many of the ways it can help us: promoting our health, managing pain and inflammation, managing anxiety, controlling chronic conditions, and more.

CBD Pet Drops

Are Drops the Best CBD for Pets?

Any method of administering CBD oil for pets is going to come with its advantages and disadvantages. However, because the knowledge and application of cannabidiol are still expanding, there are not as many options to give your pet their dose. Drops may be one of the most accessible methods because there are several companies that now offer CBD drops specially formulated for pets, and there are some products manufactured for humans that may be safe to give your fur baby.

Drops and tinctures can be dropped directly into your pet’s mouth or added to food or a treat. You should not put CBD drops in your pets water bowl or bottle, though, because the drops are not water soluble. This causes the drop to float around in the water which can lead to it splashing out and your pet not getting their proper dose.

CBD Pet Drops

Drops are a good option because they get absorbed into the system faster. Because you’re giving your pet pure CBD oil, it can be digested more quickly and get into their bloodstream. Cats especially can benefit from drops. Some cats are sensitive to CBD products because they are made from the whole hemp plant, which is very fibrous. The fibers can be difficult for a cat to digest and the oil is a pure extraction of CBD and will be very easy on their kitty tummies.

Another perk of using the drops as opposed to other methods is that it allows for precise doses that you can change if you should need to. Treats may come with a set dosage that isn’t perfect for your pet, and you can easily manipulate the amount of CBD you give with drops. Additionally, if you buy a set amount of treats but end up needing to adjust the dosage up or down, you may end up unable to use them all.

CBD Pet Drops

Can I Give Human CBD Oil To My Pet?

Most CBD products made for humans are safe for your pet. However, we think your best course of action is to find a product that is specially formulated for animals. CBD drops for humans are made for us, and usually, we are much larger and heavier than most of our pets. CBD drops for animals are formulated to be appropriate for their size and weight, so figuring out how much you should give them is simple. When you use a CBD oil product for humans, you may end up giving your pet too much or too little because the formula is typically different. If you’re very experienced with CBD oil and know what is best for your pet, giving them human CBD isn’t dangerous. Research shows that CBD oil is completely safe for animals and has no significant side effects nor does it cause any organ damage when it is properly administered. If you are unsure about how much CBD oil would benefit your pet, starting with a product designed to work with their body is your best choice.

Another reason that you want to focus on giving your animals CBD for pets is that there are different formulations that are researched, designed, and tested to help with specific problems. There are CBD pet products that are formulated for immune health, joint and mobility health, stress and anxiety, and more. These specially-tailored formulas include additional supplements and vitamins that are proven to help with the presented symptoms, boosting the benefit of the product and going the extra mile to keep the furry members of your family healthy and happy. With that said, there are pure CBD oil drops for pets as well if you don’t want to introduce anything else into their bodies.

What Do Vets Think About CBD Drops For Pets?

The classifications for the cannabis plant coupled with the lack of FDA approval have caused a roadblock when it comes to veterinary practice and CBD. From a legal standpoint, the majority of veterinarians can not advise or prescribe owners to administer cannabidiol to their pets. With that said, there are a lot of experienced vets that believe in the power of CBD in healing your pet.

Veterinarians across the country believe in and endorse the use of CBD for pets and agree that it is entirely safe. Vets have gone on record to say that there are no extreme or adverse side effects, organ damage, or undesirable sedative effects of administering CBD to your pet as long as you are doing so in the proper dosage.

Veterinarians in the state of Colorado are legally allowed to discuss CBD for pets, and there are holistic veterinarians around the world that can provide excellent advice and answer any questions.

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