Can CBD Oil Help with Diabetes?

Can CBD oil help with diabetes? Doctors around the world are likely hearing this question with greater frequency due to the number of scientific studies being released each year. If you or someone you love suffers from diabetes, then you should be asking this question as well. Something as simple as a natural compound from the cannabis plant could help you manage your blood sugar levels without the side effects that come with many diabetes medications on the market today.

Understanding CBD Oil

The cannabis plant naturally contains more than 100 cannabinoids that may offer different benefits to the human body. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are derived from the plant and encapsulated for easy use by patients. These compounds are also abundant in the hemp plant, so you may hear some people talk about CBD hemp oil as you learn more about this topic.

The cannabinoid believed to benefit diabetics and patients with many other medical conditions is known as cannabidiol. The CBD oil created from this compound is non-psychoactive, so it won’t alter your state of mind or interfere with rational thinking. Patients and doctors in select regions of the world are now using this oil to treat many conditions in adults and children with impressive success stories surfacing each year. For instance, CBD oil is already being used to treat patients with epilepsy, anxiety, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and chronic pain.

Research is now showing that these cannabinoids may have a powerful impact on diabetics. Keep reading to learn what happens inside your body when CBD oil is introduced and how you may use this natural oil to manage your diabetes or to prevent the development of diabetes altogether.

CBD Oil and Diabetes – How It Works

There is good reason to get excited about the possibility of using CBD oil for diabetes. This isn’t just something that people are talking about on the streets. Researchers are actively studying the compounds found in the cannabis plant to determine how they interact with the human body and how they are best used to improve the use of insulin and to control blood sugar levels.

The human body naturally contains cannabinoid receptors. These are internal points where cannabinoids are accepted into the system and put to use in various ways. Your body produces some of these chemical compounds on its own, but research is showing that CBD oil can be effectively modified to appeal to specific receptors. Since each receptor is associated with different bodily functions, there is great potential to create CBD oil that benefits patients with specific diseases or specified symptoms.

If you have diabetes and CBD oil is prescribed, the following CBD oil benefits may help you live more comfortably with diabetes:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids may fight the inflammation believed to contribute to insulin resistance.
  • CBD oil may improve blood circulation throughout the body. This may help diabetics experiencing cold feet, numb fingers and toes, and other uncomfortable symptoms that come with poor blood circulation to the extremities.
  • Research is showing that CBD oil may benefit the immune system.
  • CBD oil is proven to help relieve chronic pain, which is something many diabetics live with when their blood sugar levels are out of control.
  • A study published in the Autoimmunity journal in 2006 revealed that CBD oil reduced the frequency of diabetes in non-obese rats. Studies like this give hope that this oil may one day work as a preventative medication rather than trying to merely control diabetes after it has fully developed.

The research into diabetes and CBD oil has produced a growing collection of studies pointing the way to this safe and effective form of diabetes treatment. As more studies are released and more patients experiment with CBD oil for diabetes, we’ll know more about how these natural plant compounds can help people around the world treat or even prevent diabetes.

If you’re struggling to manage your blood sugar levels with the medications currently available and lifestyle modification, consider asking your doctor one critical question: Can CBD oil help with diabetes?

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