How Does CBD Oil Help Improve Sleep?

How does CBD oil help improve sleep? Research studies indicate that cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, can have a beneficial effect on the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep experienced by subjects in the testing environment. A study published in 2006 in the scholarly journal FEBS Letters (source: demonstrated the positive impact of CBD on sleep in laboratory rats. To understand how CBD can enhance sleep, it is necessary to consider the endocannabinoid system and its role in mammals.

Basics of the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system was first identified by researchers William Devane and Allyn Howlett in 1988 after a single cannabinoid receptor was discovered in the brain of a laboratory rat. Further investigation revealed an extensive network of receptors designed specifically to bind with cannabinoids. The human body produces cannabinoid chemicals naturally. It is the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, however, that provided the inspiration for the system’s name.

What Does the Endocannabinoid System Do?

The network of receptors that comprises the endocannabinoid system are responsible for regulating the nervous system. It has been linked to endocrine system control and governing the release of hormones. Endocannabinoid receptors are also necessary for proper immune system response, the creation of new memories and retention of existing ones, appetite control and stress response and remediation. CBD oil has been shown to enhance the performance of the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain and anxiety. This may play an important role in helping patients to sleep longer and in improving the quality of their sleep throughout the night.

The Connection Between CBD Oil and Sleep

A 2016 study published in PLOS One explores the role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating and maintaining sleep in laboratory subjects. Because CBD has been shown to reduce the excitation of endocannabinoid receptors, it and other cannabis extracts have been used with good results to provide pain relief and increased comfort for patients with cancer, arthritis and other conditions that can cause acute or chronic pain. The PLOS One study goes beyond the issue of pain relief to examine whether the cannabinoid compounds in CBD oil can regulate sleep in laboratory rats and in humans. Initial results proved very promising and could represent a new avenue of treatment for insomnia sufferers. The calming effect of CBD and other cannabinoid medications on the central nervous system can potentially create a conducive physical state for deep, restful sleep.

Improving Sleep with CBD Oil

The anti-anxiety and pain relief benefits of CBD oil have already been well established in the medical literature. These two factors alone can make a significant difference in the quality of sleep achieved by some patients, especially those who tend to suffer from stress-related insomnia and those who wake up in pain on a regular basis. Improving sleep with CBD oil, however, is still being investigated by many researchers on its own merits. By regulating the receptor cells of the endocannabinoid system, new compounds and combinations may hold the key to using CBD oil to improve the quality and duration of sleep.

How to Use CBD Oil for Insomnia

For most patients, choosing a pure CBD oil product with a high concentration of cannabidiol is the best way to address sleeping problems and to derive the maximum benefits from these chemical compounds. CBD is exceptionally safe and poses no risk of overdose. In some cases, however, CBD oils may interfere with the action of other pain relief medications because it attaches directly to the endocannabinoid receptors. This could potentially block the action of other medications that work in a similar way. Most medical experts recommend beginning with a relatively small dose of CBD oil and working up to more substantial dosing until the desired degree of relief is achieved.

For patients struggling with insomnia, using CBD oil for sleep can provide real benefits without the serious side effects possible with other prescription medications. This can provide physical and mental benefits that can enhance the quality of life for patients and their families. For those wondering, “How does CBD oil help improve sleep for patients with insomnia?” we hope we have provided some solid answers and some encouraging news for people looking for a healthy night’s sleep.

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