5 Best CBD Kombucha

Best CBD Kombucha

You’ve surely heard a lot about kombucha and, as far as wellness trends go, it’s about as popular as CBD. What you may not have yet heard is that you can enjoy them together–and reap some serious health benefits. That’s why we’ve created a list of the five best CBD Kombucha. But first, let’s learn a little bit about the drink itself. 

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha, a zeitgeist of hip, health-conscious counter practice, is born from Eastern culture. It’s traditionally brewed in Russia but can possibly be dated back to China in 221 BCE. Communities in India widely enjoy kombucha tea, and the United States is finally jumping on board with this ancient brew. 

According to a short history about the drink from the LA Times, “chayniy grib,” as kombucha is known in Russia, was enjoyed as an alternative to fizzy sodas. Now more than a soda pop alternative, the spread of kombucha is having a resurgence. 

The simple drink boasts of a far healthier profile than it’s carbonated counterparts. Just three ingredients go into kombucha: tea, sugar, and SCOBY. Every culture calls it something else, but the “SCOBY” is essentially a collection of (good) yeast and (good) bacteria. 

Is Kombucha any Good?

At first glance, people may be turned off by the sugar aspect of this drink, but really there’s hardly any sugar content at all. The sugar gets eaten, broken down, and remade into something far healthier–probiotics–than the buckets of flavor in other popular soft drinks.

These probiotics are believed to be good for balancing the digestion and improving overall immunity–much like the powers found kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt. 

The yeast and bacteria also play a vital role in caring for your immune system. Drinking kombucha may help in keeping your colony of beneficial gut bacteria regulated and your immunity high to improve healing and energize the body. 

Kombucha is also believed to help with regulating bowel function, improving digestion, and preventing urinary and yeast infections. Some studies also suggest that kombucha can have an even greater benefit to your health by combatting the growth of cancer cells.

With so much promise and such a low cost, kombucha is an enjoyable way to keep your gut firing on all cylinders.

Why Add CBD to Kombucha?

Kombucha’s running list of potential health benefits touches on many of the same areas as CBD, like relieving constipation and being used as a tool to help to trim your waistline.

CBD–or cannabidiol–has been linked with improving a range of health troubles from chronic pain to mental health. It comes directly from the cannabis plant, predominantly hemp, and has found its way into all types of products. 

Adding CBD to kombucha makes for a natural match for a double dose of rejuvenation with all-natural ingredients. Whether you buy it or make it yourself, the slightly sour, slightly sweet drink will be a great addition to your wellness routine.

5 Best CBD Kombuchas

Now let’s dive in to our list of the five best CBD kombuchas and learn about the companies that make these super health-conscious, and super affordable, drinks. 

1. Aqua Vitea Changa Chai

Aqua Vitea Changa Chai

Aqua Vitea combines three of the most potent and beneficial ingredients of tea today: CBD, probiotics, and mushrooms. 

This Chaga Chai is flavored with the traditional and beloved taste of chai and green tea for those who are less inclined to black or Earl Grey. Green tea is known for having a robust profile of antioxidants, helping to boost your overall wellness by using only premium, natural ingredients. 

Each bottle of this kombucha has 25 mg of CBD. The alcohol that naturally occurs within most kombucha, in this case, is completely stripped away. What you’re left with is nothing but quality, raw kombucha and a heaping dose of CBD. That’s why Aqua Vitea made our top pick for best cbd kombucha. 

Best for: Those looking for a strong dose of CBD without any touch of kombucha-created alcohol. 

2. Tea-biotics Lemon Lime

Tea-biotics Lemon Lime

Hand-crafted in Kansas City, this all-natural raw drink has what you need to feel good for your day. 

The raw kombucha is made with both black and green teas. Green tea is dense in antioxidants, so this could create an even more beneficial beverage than the typical kombucha made with black tea. The lemon lime flavor also comes completely natural, from nothing more than cold-pressed lemon juice and key lime extract. 

But, the real star of the show here is the 10 mg of organic CBD per bottle.  

Best for: Those looking for a refreshing kombucha drink with a mild CBD dosage. 

3. Creek Valley Ginger CBD Kombucha

Creek Valley Ginger CBD Kombucha

Ginger is often one of those flavors that’s use to soothe sore stomachs. A Ginger CBD Kombucha has all the elements of a drink intended to make you feel better, whether you needed a boost in your day or just want to stick to a wellness routine.

Crafted sustainably in Vermont, Creek Valley Ginger CBD Kombucha blends probiotic-rich kombucha with 50 mg of CBD per bottle. This is a relatively high amount of CBD for any type of CBD product, but especially for kombucha. 

Ginger is another of those natural ingredients with an ancient history for use as medicine. This hefty dose of CBD blended with such a wellness-centered spice makes for a flavorful and feel-good drink.

Best for: Those looking for an all-over wellness reboot (with a lot of CBD). 

4. Fermented Tea Company Orange Dream

Fermented Tea Company Orange Dream

While it’s true The Fermented Tea Company makes kombucha, their focus is also on infusing it with hemp. 

Depending on the flavor you choose, the tea that this company uses to make their kombucha will differ. While most have black tea as a base, the delicious Orange Dream drink uses a blend of Red Rooibos with green and black teas.

It’s flavored naturally with orange peel and vanilla, then spiked with soluble hemp extract. While it isn’t confirmed how much CBD exactly is in 55ml of soluble hemp extract, the bottle denotes that it won’t exceed 68mg. That’s all of the full-spectrum components together, likely yielding mild doses of CBD.  

Best for: Those looking for a unique blend of three teas in a deliciously natural kombucha.

5. Make your own! 

Kombucha is almost as new to the wellness scene as CBD, so finding the top brands to bring the product to the market is still half-baked. 

Instead, you can give your wallets a little wellness and create your own, at-home kombucha brewery to inspire chill! This step-by-stepguide provided by Good Housekeeping gives tips on how to get started. Making your own kombucha is a nice hobby to have and one that you can be proud to share with your friends. 

If you want to make a CBD kombucha concoction, there are different methods you can choose from to depending on how you’d like to do it. 

No clue how to get started? We’ve got a few recommendations to kickstart your CBD-infused kombucha. 

1. Adding CBD Oil to Brewed Kombucha

This is perhaps the easiest, no-brainer way to get both a daily dose of probiotics and a dash of CBD. It only calls for you to buy some kombucha (or get some from a home-brewer friend), buy some CBD tincture (here are some recommendations), and mix well. 

2. Using CBD-Infused Tea to Brew Kombucha

If you purchase kombucha, there’s a good chance you already have some of what it takes to start a batch of your own!

Kombucha revolves around a colony of bacteria and yeast, known as a SCOBY. This jellyfish-like substance is the powerhouse of your brew. It combines with tea and sugar to pump out the gut-healthy microbes you want. 

Note: Make sure the kombucha you intend to start your SCOBY with is raw and unflavored. You can add your own flavor later!

Once you get your hands on this SCOBY, you can begin the brewing method. The type of CBD-infusion you do for this recipe will come from the type of tea you use. While traditional kombucha brewing calls for black or green tea, using CBD-infused tea gives you the dose you’re looking for. 

3. Using CBD-Infused Honey to Brew Kombucha

Normally, brewing CBD combines a method of brewing tea, combining it with a SCOBY, and adding sugar for it to feast on. This sugar is essential to releasing the probiotics from within the SCOBY to create your tea.

White sugar is common, but honey is also an option. Just like CBD tea, you can also buy CBD-infused honey. Ideally, you’ll avoid bacteria-rich raw honey, as it will interfere with the bacteria you’re trying to populate in the brew.

Honey is just as chock-full of sugar as normal cane sugar, so the SCOBY will happily enjoy it and produce the proper outcome, but with some CBD built in.

Final Thoughts on CBD and Kombucha

Kombucha has plenty of health benefits on its own, but combined with CBD it’s basically a super-human drink! Or, as close to one as we’re probably going to get. Still skeptical? All that’s left to do is try one of the above best CBD kombucha drinks and see for yourself.