CBD Basics: All About CBD Oil

CBD Basics
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CBD Basics: All About CBD Oil

It’s currently being touted as the next big thing in alternative medicine, but what is CBD oil and is it even legal where you live? Here are the CBD basics you need to know:

What Is CBD Oil?

Also called cannabidiol, CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its fellow cannabis compound THC, CBD does not have the psychoactive effects associated with weed.

Many researchers and alternative medicine practitioners believe using CBD oil can improve overall health.

Is CBD marijuana? Most CBD used for health purposes comes from hemp rather than marijuana, though both come from the cannabis plant. CBD oil can be rubbed on the skin, taken orally or vaped.

How Is It Made?

Depending on the manufacturer, the whole cannabis plant is used. Here’s one method: (1, 2)

  1. Plant naturally high in CBD
  2. Cultivated
  3. Dried
  4. Soaked in solvent, like ethanol
  5. Ethanol filtered out
  6. Remaining liquid heated to remove any trace alcohol

What Does It Do?

The human body produces its own cannabinoids naturally, and though the science isn’t totally understood, it’s believed that CBD oil stimulates cannabinoid production within the body.

Purported uses for CBD oil: (3)

That’s a good question, and depending on who you ask, you’ll probably get a different answer. According to the federal government, no cannabis extracts are legal, but with a handful of states decriminalizing recreational weed use and even more allowing medical marijuana, the current status is a bit of a patchwork of laws. (4)

State: CBD allowed?

Alabama: Limited medical

Alaska: Yes

Arizona: Medical

Arkansas: Medical

California: Yes

Colorado: Yes

Connecticut: Medical

Delaware: Medical

District of Columbia: Yes

Florida: Medical

Georgia: Limited medical

Hawaii: Medical

Idaho: No

Illinois: Medical

Indiana: Limited medical

Iowa: Limited medical

Kansas: No

Kentucky: Limited medical

Louisiana: Medical

Maine: Yes

Maryland: Medical

Massachusetts: Yes

Michigan: Medical

Minnesota: Medical

Mississippi: Limited medical

Missouri: Limited medical

Montana: Medical

Nebraska: No

Nevada: Yes

New Hampshire: Medical

New Jersey: Medical

New Mexico: Medical

New York: Medical

North Carolina: Limited medical

North Dakota: Medical

Ohio: Medical

Oklahoma: Limited medical

Oregon: Yes

Pennsylvania: Medical

Rhode Island: Medical

South Carolina: Limited medical

South Dakota: No

Tennessee: Limited medical

Texas: Limited medical

Utah: Limited medical

Vermont: Medical

Virginia: Limited medical

Washington: Yes

West Virginia: Medical

Wisconsin: Limited medical

Wyoming: Limited medical

CBD Basics


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